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The following stories listed below are for online entertainment only. We enjoy writing fictional BDSM, Erotica, and S&M original stories that can only be found right here on Loving Tales for your viewing pleasure.

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Amber is Jake’s dream girl; cute, successful, confident and sexy. Everything is going well until after they get married. And that’s when Amber grows tired of her job, becomes controlling and blows his money. To avoid divorce, Jake tries subliminal wife training to transform Amber into a self-loving and obedient wife.
Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Rick dreams of a life with just a bit more money, but is shocked when his dream actually comes true. Suddenly Rick has everything he could want, except Roxanne. Inspiration strikes among FetLife forums. Rick decides he’ll obtain her too.
Kelsey hesitated for a few moments as she pushed back her long, gorgeous, dark brown hair, then stepped out of the elevator. As she looked down the corridor, she saw Mark waiting in the open doorway…

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