Sierra The Pony Girl

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Chapter 1.

“What I’ve become?”

My name is Sierra 19 years old a beautiful long black hair with a petite body and beautiful legs. I was born and raised in Mexico a family of 4 children, I was the 3rd child young and smart enough to leave home at 16 teen.

I started my career working in, Chipotle Mexican Grill a restaurant here in Mexico for the past three years.  I saved up enough money to move to the United States where I could start a new life for myself in Arlen Texas.
Since I was a little girl, ponies were my favorite thing, I loved them but not enough to become one. The theme Pony girl was unexplored or known by me.  However one day while I was doing a TV promotion for a suntanning commercial. Wearing a blue swimming suit well spreading lotion on my arms and bare legs this guy came over to me and asked me if I wanted to earn more money in promotional clothing and since I wasn’t getting anywhere here I decided to say yes to his proposition.

He gave me his card with his phone number and musical CD.  The CD has a gold label on it with  the following title, Relaxing rain music for relieving stress, a (sample) CD.

Playing the CD while she slept she had the most peaceful dream!

After having  the good night sleep I called him the next day to schedule a meeting and he asked me to meet him at his house and told me to come alone.  A few hours later I arrived at his Mansion and I was received by his redhead Maid at the front door. She was wearing a short skirt which is a black maid’s uniform.

I didn’t think much of her uniform at the time as she escorted me to the same guy that I meet the other day. He seemed so trusting over the phone I couldn’t help but feel comfortable around him now.

“You can call me Mark,” he said smiling warmly at me. I was asked if I ever did model in Exotic clothing before?  I said no but I asked him what he was referring when he said Exotic clothing.

He explained to me in detail about Exotic clothing and the types of clothes selections I’d be ask to model.

He answered, do you know what a Pony girl is?

I shook my head no and he started to brief me in. Putting on his charm, “It’s a beautiful girl who plays the part of a pony.” He smiles looking down at her.

“What do you mean by play?”

“You will be asked to dress as a Pony girl with an outfit during photo shoots.” Pause in the tone of his voice. “You will have to wear a leather harness on your body, boots as hooves will be placed on your feet, a bit gag in your mouth.” He explained too me.

“But it’s just a costume, right?”

“Right sure it is. All you have to do its sign this contract and be here tomorrow.”

“But how much money are we talking about?” She grins thinking.

“$100.00 an hour and you could start with 8 to 10 hours a day and you can start out by modeling our exotic clothes line.”

Holding my pink pen in the palm of my small hand, I signed the contract but like anyone else I didn’t read the little letters in the contract. I felt content doing this, and I didn’t know why, but Mark seem so trusting just now, I couldn’t say no to the guy she smiles.

Everything seem so right!

The signing of the contract Mark explained that he wants all his models to come too work refreshed and relaxed. He wanted to setup a High Class MP3 Performance Stereo in my bedroom this  evening.
That night two charming guys came over and they connected the special MP3 Stereo next to my bed for me.

The Stereo was like nothing I’ve seen before, as one of the guys explained it had a built in wireless remote Internet connection so they could broadcast their stress reduction music without having me to lift a finger.

I was told it would help me relax my mind so I wouldn’t be as nervous around the camera. I thanked them as they left my apartment after setting up the stereo for me.  As I went to bed that night the gentle  music started playing and invading my dreams!

Chapter 2.

“My first day”

The first day was to measure me from head to toe. 32A- 26-36 were my measurements, 100 pounds, 5’3″ tall, 7T for footwear. The day after that they gave me a list of healthy food that I was supposed to eat.  We also worked out a schedule so I could spend my day doing exercise in their gym  preparing my body for my upcoming photo shots.  Mark’s company, CB Performers want their models to be perfect I was told.

The best part about all this there paying $100 an hour!

The following week was spent performing easy modeling jobs and sure enough I was at ease posing in front of the camera. Mark loved taking my pictures in his studio.  I was asked to model exotic outfits like red leather skirts and colorful tank tops. The following day, I was asked to wear one of the newest Hooters uniform his company was marketing and in the afternoon a line of bondage collars.

I was completely relaxed I really enjoy in front of the camera listening the ocean waves well Mark instructed my movements and what poses he wanted from me.  I’m done with daytime commercials thinking to myself. I love working here at CB Performers!

What Sierra learned from CB Performers in the past 2 weeks was that all Mark’s models were female and the modeling jobs came from online sources and clothing stores.

I was told, I did a wonderful job parading the new Hooters uniform!

Little did Sierra know, Mark blasted pictures of her wearing that same Hooter’s uniform all over a popular adult website where he planed to sell her for a high price. Sierra was listed on a site for girls 18-teen and older. Sierra’s Hooter pictures were placed in the site’s gallery listed under Mark’s username.

The marketing job also came through as Hooters, paid CB Performers a great deal for marketing there line of new skin tight leather orange shorts. Sierra’s pictures looked so alive, so happy!

She had no idea that she was becoming easily obsessed working for CB Performers that it all seem perfectly natural.  Her daily routine was awaking in the morning and listening to the final tunes from the Stereo as it automatically turned off each morning.

Eating her oat meal breakfast subscribed by her fitness trainer at Mark’s gym.  When she arrived each day the clothes she was made to wear were laid out on the bed in the upstairs in her assigned bedroom.

The closet was full of Exotic clothes for Mark’s models to wear!

She would spend the next few hours in the studio having her pictures taken for whatever Mark wanted to see her wearing.  I was completely at ease, I felt safe here as CB became my second home was what she thought right now subconsciously happy.

She was subconsciously willing to please men!

After her photo shots Sierra always took the comfort of the other girls arriving after she left the Studio. Each day after my shots the next stop was Gym and I’d spend the whole afternoon here along with the other girls I’d met.

Tim my Gym instructor was great too me!

The other girls here at CB Performers where Sierra’s only source of companionship as she lost, contact with her other friends since working for Mark and his staff. In other words any thoughts of a social life didn’t matter anymore.

Around 12 noon her idea of an easy lunch where diet milk shakes during her break hours she would sit and chat with the other girls.  All they wanted to chat about was how great CB Performers was and how much money they were making!

After the 2 hour break they gave her she was seen going back to the Gym running laps with her fellow friends.  Sierra loved the thought of being paid to workout even though she hadn’t gotten a paycheck yet.

All the while rain music play over the speakers and playing in the background of that music were subliminal messages.  They were reprogramming Sierra’s mind for what was to come soon.

Tim was watching Sierra run her laps along side one of the other girls. Being a good gym instructor who enjoy exercising these girls becoming the perfect models for, CB Performers.  Last year Tim was given Emma a 20 year old girl as a Christmas bonus.  Taking her home with him Emma was enslaved and eventually become his wife and reduced to be nothing but a homemaker.

Emma was faithful!

After Sierra’s day at work around 4 o’ clock each day she go, home and relax watching some TV until bedtime. The idea of eating dinner was a thing of the past, breakfast and lunch was filling enough she thought.

Going to sleep early enough the stereo started playing at a 9′ o clock each night. However this evening new subliminal messages where being fed into her mind. She was being conditioned with complex thinking patterns!

Around 3 in the morning the subliminal messages play relaxing and calming her mind with peaceful dreams.

Those subliminal message were more complex as they directed Sierra’s thoughts in how she should plan her day.  Which didn’t include the Internet and in fact a week after working for CB she sold her computer and downgraded her Version plan from a smart phone to a basic phone with no Internet access.

By now Sierra was all over the Internet a famous prom star  putting it in simple terms. Men were paying lots just to view her almost naked body!  Even places like a Maid Café in China paid CB Performers over a million for Sierra to model there new line pink Maid uniforms.

Sierra used to toss and turn in bed waking up refreshed and renewed like a weight was lifted from her soul but now she slept comfortably and at ease with her simple minded thoughts.

Chapter 3


Today was the day Sierra beam while brushing her white Pearl teeth! Today was payday over joyed she ate her diet breakfast smiling. Waiting for her outside is a Limousine here to take her to work like it dose everyday.

In Sierra’s contract she agreed to 2 month paycheck. Getting up in the morning and taking the CB Limousine to work at from 9 to 5 in the evening, she worked 9 hours each day and $100 per hour. This includes Saturday and Sunday in the GYM.

Sierra working 63 hours weekly!

Weekly pay was $6,300 and a totaling 2 months she would receive around $37,8000 minus taxes but it was still a paycheck she thought. She knew, Mark must of made over a million or more using her in his modeling work so far she smiled.

Getting out of the Limousine Sierra hurried to her assigned bedroom to find Mark sitting there on the bed. This wasn’t routine she thought standing in the doorway. “Hi Mark” Sierra smile cheerfully.

“Today’s the day Sierra, for pony play” Her heart skipped as she almost forgot about that part in her modeling contract.  Unable to think of anything else Mark calmly asked me to come over, and stand by him as he sat on the end of the bed. “Yes sir,” I complied with his wishes.

Mark would see how well the new programming was doing! “Stay still Sierra.” She stood perfectly still standing a bit nervous in front of him looking down at the floor.”  Sierra spoke up quietly saying , “ So are we doing my pony play shots today?”

“Why yes we are.” All he could say as he unbuttoned Sierra’s blue jeans working on removing her clothing as she just stood there shocked but at ease about it. After her shoes, socks and her panties and shirt, Mark unsnapped her bra exposing her large breasts. He knew right away she looked scared so petted her on the side of her head quickly claiming her down and Sierra fell back into a submissive setting.

Mark smiled at the nude girl’s body frame, “I’m going to help you try on the pony outfit!” He spoke softly.  Mark explained, he wanted me to look realistic for my photo shots. I just stood by as he helped me this Monday morning. Today was truly different for me as Mark help me dress in my pony gear.

Later that day!

The first 2 months were good enough but then the real photo shots started. The day finely came when Mark said I was ready for pony play. I had to wear a harness all  day, strips of leather all around my body curves, my ass and tits were exposed, it was locked in place, with padlocks and I didn’t have the keys so I wouldn’t take any of it off.

My tits fit perfectly for the hardness, my apple shaped breasts never looked so good!

He locked my hands with an arm binder in my back, leg cuffs for my ankles so I couldn’t run away.

I wasn’t scared just smiled with happy thoughts of my photo shoots all day knowing I’d be walking away with a paycheck at 5′o clock.

Wearing my pony gear he escorted me to the Studio with his left hand holding onto my lean arm as he guided me. My arms bonded behind my back, a short chain connected to the cuffs of my ankles  and wearing a ponygirl hardness I smiled into the camera like I always have.

Mark said, I was doing an excellent job!

Finely it was near noon as I looked at the wall clock and like always Mark said that should do it as he smiled happily at me.  I figured, he would come over, and take the padlocks off so I could go back upstairs and put back on my GYM outfit and workout.

However that didn’t happened!  I panicked as two men I never seen before in my life stood near the studio doorway.  In they walked toward Sierra as one man held a lead in his hand, he clipped the end of the lead onto her bridle connected to the bit and the bit was held tightly by the head hardness concealed around her pretty round head.

I wanted to runway but I just stood there waiting for them.  I felt compiled to obey as the guy with the leather lead, leads me out of the Studio and the other man held onto my arm tightly.  Tears could be seen in her eyes as they lead her away well Mark stood by smiling.

I felt scared and out of a suddenly compelled to obey. Sierra could do nothing as deep levels of submission washed over her. I wanted nothing more but to follow these men.

As they came and took her walking her through the living room into the backyard where she was never allowed to go before until now.  What Sierra say where three other girls just about her age walking around in ponygirl gear just like me.  I couldn’t believe my eyes what was happening, my whole world was flashing right before my eyes.

Chapter 4.

“Sierra’s enslavement”

I was given enema three time a day so I didn’t have to go to the bathroom for long times of period. I felt violated but there was nothing I could do about it. A huge butt plug with ponytail hair at the end of it was inserted deep into my anus, it was wired but cool at the same time to think that I had a tail like pony did.

The most awful experience was to have my nose pierced and a tiny ring was put right in the middle of my pierced nose.  Like in my last photo shots of wearing pony gear I had hooves for my feet so they were no longer my feet, now there were hoofed boots locked into my feet and mittens on my hands.

All but last they pierced my nipples and secured tiny rings!

The last article was a bit gag placed around my head and locked into my mouth, so no more words could come out from my mouth and I had to learn to move and be an animal, a pony girl from now on.

It was difficult to move around with hooves on my feet, a butt plug in my anus, bells & rings in my nipples, a bit gag in my mouth and a harness all around my body, it almost felt like it was part, of me and I was growing use to it!

Long hours were like an agony I tried to use my hand, sorry my hooves but it was useless. The tail was so far inserted into my anus that I almost thought it was part of my body too and the bit gag was so tight locked in my mouth that not even a word could come out. The bells placed in my new nipple rings were making me crazy the sound went with me everywhere.

I spent last night in one of Mark’s special photo shots in his studio. Even for what they did to me I felt comfortable when in front of the camera and that included being in the company of men.

Chapter 5

“Why Me”

It’s been five month almost and I was starting to think that I was a real Ponygirl, my hair was given a treatment that it was like I had the hair of a real horse, my hair was neatly cut and allowed to grow down my back. Sometimes I was allowed to look at myself in the mirror and I was starting to see myself as a real animal. Sometimes even I asked myself who am I now, Sierra the 19 teen year old  girl from Arlen Texas or Biscuit as they call me now. I’m one of the new Pony girls from the training stables. I got, use to sleeping in a barn my stable hand in charge of all my personal well-being and pony training.

If I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, I was punished, he made me stand for long periods of time putting a hook into my nose and attaching a chain to it and putting it in a wall ring, so what could a pony girl do but stand there and wait for her keeper to take her away.

This situation was sultry enough but what can I do, no one knew that I was here, my Employer Mark was wise enough to send for me in his limo, so who was going to suspect that I was kidnapped by these people to be transformed into a pony girl.

Exotic clothes was something that I wasn’t going to forget not even in a million years. I had seen and read about these fetish costumes, but literally been transformed from a human to an animal this was too much.

This life was something that was going to be impossible to escape from.

My body was in perfect shape, my tits were beautiful as I could wish for, my leg strong enough to move a car with them. My abdominal were to die for. My buttocks were something that only in a dream you can wish for.

However not been able to use my feet and hands was making me crazy, these boots and mittens as horse hooves was sick enough for any one, this bit gag was so deep into my mouth that my tongue was practically asleep all the time I wanted to speak but it was impossible.

The last training was to insert a dildo in my vagina and leave it in there all day vibrating and expanding inside me so I will learn to be a good pony girl and let the butt plug inside my anus because a good pony always has a tail, so from now on I will have to have a butt plug in my anus almost every hour of the day.

Becoming an animal wasn’t easy not being able to control your body and being controlled all the time was a nightmare. I wanted out, I wanted to get away but each passing day, I become even more submissive ready to obedient.

Chapter 6.

“Why Didn’t I read the Fine Print?”

Its been one year now and nobody had miss me or even looked for me. The days passed day, by day and I  couldn’t do anything, my situation was beginning to get worse. I was going to be sold to a new  owner because my training was now completed.

Just because I looked like I was supposed to like, an animal a pony girl. I forgot what was the feeling of having normal feet or how my hands and fingers worked.  The though of wearing human clothing was a faded memory. Nevertheless from time to time I could see myself wearing my street clothes.

Communicating, it’s been almost 8 months since I was last  permitted to speak, just because animals didn’t talk, I was not permitted to say not even a word.

My body looked almost perfect, my hair was so beautiful that I didn’t remember when the last time, it looked so cute. My apple shaped tits with bells pierced into my nipples and a new piecing in my belly button as a horseshoe. The bit gag that was always in my mouth is still there and the harness was always locked on my body. The tail was now part of me,  a butt plug was inserted into my anus first thing in the morning and taken out last thing at night and an enema was given to me as soon it was taken out so my body will do its thing.

My name is now Biscuit, the beautiful Pony Girl that will soon have a new owner.

First thing in the morning they began to prepare me, my harness was inspected and buffed; my hair brushed and braided, my teeth cleaned and whitened and the leather mitts and boots polished. I was then paraded so my new owner was able to have a good look at me, the first he did was an inspection of my teeth, that was the only way, he will know if I was a young or an old pony girl. Then he inspected my tail to see if it was far enough inserted into my ass hole and to see if I was already used to having a tail in my rear, so he will move it and inserted it deeper and deeper into my anus.

Satisfied he then made me move to see if the bells pierced into my nipples were working well or not. He made sure that the harness was locked on my body and if it was tight enough to make my curves look like it was supposed to. Then he made me walk like a pony, like it was the final test to see if I was trained well or not.

I was completely submissive and willing to obey him!

I was attached to a cart so I could give my new owner, a ride, his plan was to pull me around the stable and then he will decide if he will buy me or not. Satisfy with my performance and the thorough inspection, he decided to buy me and spoke with the trainers and bartered a price for me.

I was sold and I knew wasn’t going to escape my destiny, I will be an animal for the rest of my life. 20 years old and I never thought that this will be my life from now on.

Chapter 7.

“Biscuit’s New Home”

When I arrived at my new home, a Ranch I was taken to a barn where my new owner had set up a branding iron, when it was hot enough he held the brand on my skin to mark my body with  the logo of his Ranch.

It was very painful and I screamed as the heat touched my naked flesh. I was now marked on my right cheek with the initials CC, now I really felt like an animal and was my new Owner’s property.

It wasn’t enough to be wearing all this fetish gear for rest of my life but being marked on my right cheek like real animals I knew this is my life!

Then I was taken to another room, it had surgical instruments all over it, standing near the instruments was the Vet, I could tell because of his white coat.  My new Owner told me that his vet was going to operate on me, so I could know longer speak or scream, my vocal cords where going to be adjusted so the only sound produced by me will be like the sound that real pony make.
I was locked down onto a table and given a sedative and the next thing that I can remember is that I know  longer could speak like a human being, my throat was hoarse and raspy.

The days went by, and I couldn’t believe the faith that I had given myself, just because I wanted a better job and make more money.  Really I don’t know for what, if in this kind of situation that I was on I was not able to use any kind of money at all.

Sierra was my name, a beautiful girl that used to do promotions of all kinds local beers, coffee, swimming suits but now I was a Ranch animal, a ridding pony, they called me.

Chapter 8.

“My Life”

It’s been two months now since Mark’s stable hands who sold me to my new owner who wouldn’t even tell me his name. Within these two months of my new life, I discovered I was sold to a ranch resort serving the fetish community.  Being in the company of clothed men for so many months I’d grown a custom to but being my new home was a public resort.

I was humiliated to be seen by free women but in the state of my submissive mind, I wanted nothing but to please those around me. Here I’m known as the Mexican pony girl named Biscuit who loved pulling ranch guests down dirt trails with blinders on my head hardness keeping my eyes on the trail.

I was well trained, groomed and feed oats twice a day.

My new leather body harnesses was so tight that I had trouble breathing, the bells that were pierced into my nipples were making me loose my mind with their constant sound. And not being able to speak was worse, the only sound that I could pronounce was similar to that a horse made.

All I want now is to be the same girl that I once was, Sierra 19 years old with short brown hair with a pretty figure and wearing clothes.

What can I do to be the one I used to be, a free good girl that loved life as she can live it. Nevertheless now a prisoner of her own stupidity and not being able to control her own body or  life.

Being in the company of the other pony girls live with!

This new owner had control of everything in my life, when to go to the bathroom, when to take a bath, when to eat and what to eat, how to move and definitely what to wear, when to sleep and how to stand. I look at myself in the mirror and all I can see is an animal, captive of her own desires.

She became easily obsessed with the resort ranch just like before with CB Performers as if it’s the only life, she really knew. As 3 years pass by quickly she was now 23 years old and any past thoughts she had been a fading memory.

All that was left was Biscuit!

The End

Written by Trainer81

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