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Poppy The Pony Girl

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Presenting Poppy The Pony Girl an original story.

Poppy The Pony Girl

Written by Trainer81

Published on Feb 22, 2022

Kelsey hesitated for a few moments as she pushed back her long, gorgeous, dark brown hair, then stepped out of the elevator. As she looked down the corridor, she saw Mark waiting in the open doorway.

“I didn’t think you were going to go through with it,” Mark chuckled while observing Kelsey’s lovely body.

Kelsey would’ve made a retort but she had made a deal, and despite how stupid it was, she wasn’t going to back out now.  A deal was a deal.

“Let’s just get this over with,” she said as she walked up to him, trying to maintain an aura of easy confidence. “Why did you want me here so early? You said the parade doesn’t start until noon.”

Mark smiled as he met Kelsey’s gaze. “It’s going to take a little time to get you ready and get down there. It’s going to be a long walk.”

“Why can’t we just drive down or take the bus?” Kelsey asked.

“The streets will be packed with people, and I don’t think we’d have much luck with the bus,” he responded.

Kelsey looked a bit puzzled, but she knew that Mark was calling the shots.  It was all because of that stupid bet.

Kelsey and Mark worked together at Applebee’s, though Mark was the general manger and Kelsey was a server.  Everyone knew that Mark was kinky, but he never said much about it.  Kelsey didn’t really care either. Kelsey was content with their good working relationship. Mark was actually a really nice guy and everyone liked him. Being kinky never entered the equation.

Until the day of the football pool that is. Everyone choose a team to bet on.  The person’s whose team reached the Super Bowl won a quarter of the pot.  But if their team actually won the Super Bowl, they’d get the rest of the winnings.  Kelsey and Mark both joined in.  As the weeks passed by, Kelsey and Mark’s teams were in the running.

Then Kelsey’s team started to collapse. Injuries and a streak of bad luck drove her team to the ground.

One Friday afternoon Kelsey was sitting by herself in the break room, fuming at another loss by her team.

“God damn it!” she muttered as Mark entered the breakroom. He glared at the eighteen-year-old girl.

“Oh jeez, Mark… I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way… I just…” Kelsey hesitated, not knowing what to say.

Mark shook his head. “If it were anyone other than you, I’d have their ass fired. You’re special though.”

Kelsey looked up at Mark from where she was sitting. “I’m really sorry, Mark. It won’t happen again.”

Mark took a moment to look Kelsey over. Then, he decided that maybe she needed to be taught a lesson. She seemed like she could use some guidance.

“I mean it was the damn pool!” She continued.

“Kelsey, if that pool is so important to you, rather than cursing about it, how about a little side bet?”

“What… kind of bet?” she asked, sounding a little nervous.

“Well the season is almost over. Now my team isn’t assured of making it all the way. What I propose is that if they fail to win the Bowl, I’ll pay you $500.00 out of my own pocket,” he explained.

“And if they do win?” she asked, her eyes narrowing in a teasing expression as she looked up at him.

“You’ll accompany me in the Pride Parade next month.”

“That’s it?” Kelsey replied. This wasn’t as bad as she thought.  The chances of Mark’s team wining were good but not guaranteed.  Was there a catch? “What else is there?” she asked.

Mark smiled. He knew Kelsey wasn’t a fool, even though she needed someone to curb that tongue of hers. “You’ll have to be appropriately dressed for the occasion,” Mark said.

“What do you mean by properly dressed?” she asked nervously.

“I belong to a group called the ‘ASA’,” he replied, intrigued by the wide-eyed, surprised look on her face.

“What… No… No way. No way am I going to get involved in something like that,” Kelsey said, shocked he belonged to such a group.

“Suit yourself,” he said with a smile. “I’ll let you off the hook for now. However, one more slip of the tongue, and you’ll be searching for a new job.” With that, Mark left the break-room leaving Kelsey lost in thought.

Kelsey was stunned and scared by Mark’s offer. She knew that Mark would order her to be watched, waiting for one little excuse to justify firing her. The thought terrified her because she really needed this job.  She graduated high school only three weeks ago. And now that she was out living on her own, the thought of losing her first job and having to look for another one scared her. How would she pay rent and her other expenses without it?

Plus, she really could use that $500. The chances of his team making it through the Super Bowl were slim after all. She considered it as she left the breakroom.

After some careful consideration, she knocked on the door to Mark’s office. He motioned for her to come in and close the door as Mark sat back in his chair. “You’ve reconsidered our bet?” Mark asked.

“Yes… I thought about it and I’ll take the bet on one condition.”

“That condition is?” Mark smiled at her.

“That you let things drop,” she said. “No retaliation.”

“I have no reason to retaliate, Kelsey. This is just a friendly little wager.”

“I mean for as long as I work here.”

“I see.” Mark looked at Kelsey thoroughly. “Done. It will end at that point.”

Kelsey thanked Mark and left the manager’s office feeling good about herself. That $500.00 dollars is as good as mine she thought quietly.

As the weeks passed, Kelsey watched as Mark’s team rose in the standings. Her heart sank as she watched the Super Bowl, witnessing for herself when Mark’s team easily won the game.

She dreaded his response all week. She hoped he’d forget or take pity on her and let her off the hook. Those hopes crashed through when his name came up on her cell phone. She almost didn’t answer the call, but she knew she’d have to face it eventually.

When she answered her cell phone Mark responded. “I’ll see you at my place this Saturday at 10:30 in the morning,” he said. “Don’t be late.”

It was no use trying plea or renegotiate. A bet was a bet.  At least the morning was warm as Kelsey mustered up her courage and went to Mark’s condo building.

Kelsey entered Mark’s condo, walking straight into his living room. It was a good size place with three bedrooms.  Why does he need so much room? she thought to herself.

“Come with me, Kelsey,” Mark commanded as she walked over to where Mark stood by the kitchen table. He pointed to a chair with a stack of well printed documents on the table in front of it.

“Sit down,” he ordered as he sat in one of the four chairs next to hers.

“There must be about 100 pages here,” she said, her eyes wide with surprise. “What’s this all about?”

“This here is a contract, Kelsey,” Mark explained with a cool, confident aura radiating from him. “It states that you will belong to me and that you agree to be in the Pride parade with me. The terms of the contract is for one full day but I’ll release you after the parade is over.”

Kelsey couldn’t believe her eyes at what she read. This was an American Slave Association (ASA) contract agreeing to be Mark Dean’s slave for one day. Feeling a little rushed by Mark, she scanned through the first and second page trying to understand what it she was reading, though it was difficult to get through the lawyer talk legally binding her to the agreements she was expected to sign.

Kelsey knew the ASA was put into place by Chuck Pool, a state senator of Minnesota who favored voluntary slavery on some level and was in the process of making it legal here in Minnesota.

Kelsey quickly read what she could manage to understand, then signed her name Kelsey Olson and wrote her security number below where she signed her name. Then Mark signed below Kelsey’s name.

“Don’t worry, we will have a great time,” he said, as he finalized the legally binding contract. She was clearly nervous, which excited Mark a little as he tried to ease some of her fears.

“I hope… so,” she said, her voice shaking with anxiety over the contract she just signed.

By the signing of the American Slave Association Slave Contract, Mark became Kelsey’s legal guardian for the day and his property.

“Alright… now that we got that taken care of, come with me,” Mark said as they both stood and headed for one of the bedrooms.

As she timidly followed him into the bedroom, Kelsey kept reminding herself that this would be over soon. Then she could put this whole thing behind her.

“Oh, you might as well get undressed,” Mark said to Kelsey as she entered the bedroom with her arms folded across her chest.

As she began taking off her skin tight blue jeans, Mark turned to her and said in a firm tone, “Just leave them on the floor.  You can have them back when we return from the parade.”

Kelsey made a funny face, feeling uneasy about undressing in front of Mark. But she did as instructed and soon was nude after removing all of the clothing on her tight little body. She shifted, exposing herself further as she tried to fight the feeling of being self-consciousness. Mark looked her over with a smile of approval. “Very nice, Kelsey. Turn around.”

Kelsey had felt uneasy about this whole thing ever since she signed that contract. But a bet was a bet, and she reminded herself repeatedly that this whole thing would be over soon enough.

“Good looking ass,” Mark said as Kelsey slowly turned for him. “You’re even better than I imagined.”

“You’re not going to make me go naked… are you?” Kelsey asked, hiding her large, round, firm breasts with her arms as she grew more frightened.

“Of course not,” Mark said as he prepared leather straps. “I have something much more interesting in mind for you.”

“Like what?” Kelsey asked, unaware of what he was about to do with those straps.

“Just wait and I’ll show you,” Mark said as he continued prepping the leather straps. Kelsey was curious about what he was going to do with those leather straps. Part of it looked like a leather harness of some sort.

Kelsey was starting to get a little scared as he motioned for her to sit on the square stool that was near her, next to the queen size bed. “Now come and sit down,” he ordered.

Kelsey sat down on the stool and froze as she heard Mark from behind her. Then, a bunch of leather straps were laid on her shoulders and dangled across her chest and back. Mark began adjusting the shoulder straps and ordered Kelsey to stand up.

Within minutes, Kelsey was secured in a bizarre leather harness. Mark immediately unlocked the cuffs and pulled the teen’s arms behind her back in a reverse back-prayer. Kelsey cried out as suddenly a large rubber bit was thrust into her mouth. More straps encircled her head as he pulled them tight, latching the buckle in place. Blinders were attached so she could only look straight ahead.

Mark grabbed her long, soft, brown hair, pulling it back from behind her head, making it into a single braided ponytail that ran down her bare back. “Just relax Kelsey, everything is fine,” he said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

But everything wasn’t fine. Kelsey’s heart was pounding and she didn’t want to do this, this was just too much. A bet was a bet and she lost, but this was way too much.

Mark began checking the hardness and the leather bridle straps encircling her head. He adjusted them, making sure that they were tight enough not to come loose. Then, Kelsey heard something disturbing.




Moving around from the back, Mark now faced Kelsey as he looked into her bright, pleading blue eyes. “The padlocks are just to make sure nothing comes loose, Kelsey.”

Mark went to a closet and pulled out a big shoe box. “Now your feet are a little small, but you’re lucky I have these in your size so they’ll be just about comfortable for you.”

Kelsey knew she was trapped, so she sat back down on the stool when Mark grabbed her shoulder. Then, he pulled out a knee length boot from the box and pulled it up over Kelsey’s smooth right leg. He laced it tight and like the hardness and the bridle, he added a padlock, locking it secure. The left leg was next, and soon Kelsey’s legs were encased up to her knees in skintight leather.

“Okay, now stand up,” said Mark, as Kelsey stood and found herself perched in high heels.  No, these weren’t high heels. The boots ended in horse’s hooves, now standing from 4 feet and 11 inches to a good 5 feet!

Mark grabbed Kelsey’s clothes on the floor and moved them over onto his bed as he searched her back jean pockets for her cell phone.

Kelsey mumbled in disbelief as he turned off her cell phone and threw it onto his bed. “Don’t worry you’ll get it back after the parade,” he told her as she looked at him while struggling with her arms bound and cuffed behind her back.

Mark started dressing himself for the parade as Kelsey shook as she tried struggle out of her heavy leather harness she was wearing.

“Please don’t do that, Kelsey. You’ll only hurt yourself.” With that Kelsey felt a riding crop slap across her ass cheeks. “Now spread your legs and bend over,” commanded Mark but she hesitated, standing still.

“Oh come on now. Don’t make me get rough with you. We’re running late as it is.” Mark gave the young teen several more strokes with the crop, and she quickly complied, doing as she was told.

Mark’s fingers soon entered Kelsey’s rear. Something slippery was on them. Then Kelsey felt something being pushed up her rear. It hurt! “Calm down and don’t resist. It’s going in one way or another.”

Kelsey did her best to relax and soon a large butt plug was in her ass. But Mark wasn’t finished.  He attached an inflator bulb to the plug and began squeezing. And within seconds the butt plug filled Kelsey’s ass to the max.  Mark smiled as he then unsecured the inflator bulb and tossed it onto the bed next to her clothes.

“Very, very good. Take a look at yourself,” Mark said as he led her over to the mirror. Kelsey saw a long, bushy horse’s tail that matched her own hair sticking out of her ass!

“Oh shit, I almost forgot. Turn around and face me Kelsey,” he said to the young girl. She complied, feeling as if she had little choice.

Mark quickly put on a pair of disposable gloves and then grabbed a bottle of clear gel cream on the bed. Mark began pouring some of the gel cream into his hand.  And then, without any warning, he applied the cold cream to her pussy hair, rubbing it in. Kelsey shivered from the cold cream as he rubbed it between her legs. Kelsey fought the urge to cum in his hand as the cream quickly dried, making the hairs on her pussy stiff.

Then Mark ran into the bathroom, grabbed a warm wet washcloth, and started wiping the hair away between her legs. “There, now doesn’t that look better,” Mark asked while looking up at Kelsey who looked troubled.

Kelsey couldn’t believe he used a hair remover. Her pussy was now as smooth as the skin of a newborn baby. “Beautiful. You’ll make one heck of a pony girl,” he said to Kelsey, as he looked at those bright, sad, blue eyes of hers.

After, Mark returned to the bathroom to remove the gloves and wash his hands. He approached Kelsey with a set of reins in his hand. Then, he clipped the reins to the bridle and led Kelsey into the living room.

“Okay, it’s time to go but first let’s get something clear. You do as I say and don’t try to talk.  And I don’t want you to do anything without me telling you what to do,” he said in a firm tone.

“And just to make sure, I’m going to take out some insurance.” Mark then took out his cell phone and began taking pictures of Kelsey all dressed up like a human pony girl.

“If you do as you’re told, I won’t share these on the ‘ASA’ forum and their monthly newsletter. I don’t think you want that do you?” Mark asked.

Kelsey bowed her head in shame. There was nothing she could do. She was at his mercy.  She could only hope that the parade was a short route.

Mark took Kelsey by the reins and left the condo. They took the elevator and Kelsey was trembling as she was led out of the lobby and onto the sidewalk. Mark and his pony walked several blocks until they reached the parade starting area near Main Street.

Kelsey couldn’t believe that she would be marching down Main Street.  She struggled with the idea of being seen in public dressed up like she was now as Kelsey watched Mark stop to talk with his friends, the other participants, making small talk and cracking jokes.

“Hey Mark, nice looking mare you have there,” shouted another man who was also leading a human pony girl, much like Kelsey except she had dark red hair.

“Hey Jake!” replied Mark. “You got a good looking piece of horseflesh yourself!”

“Wanna race?” he asked,

“Na, I don’t think so. Poppy isn’t quite ready yet.” Mark said as he looked over, eyeing the gorgeous red head.

Poppy? Kelsey thought as she looked at Mark who smiled back at her.

“Now you don’t think Kelsey is a proper name for a pony, do you?  I decided that you needed something more appropriate for the occasion,” he explained. “Now it’s time to get you hitched up Poppy!”

Mark took Poppy over to a small, two wheeled cart. Then he secured her between the shafts, connecting them to the leather harness above Kelsey’s hips and climbed into the cart.

He smacked Kelsey’s exposed rear with the buggy whip, and the teen began pulling the cart forward. Mark took firm hold of the reins and directed Kelsey, who was now Poppy, over to where the other ponies were waiting to start the parade.

Kelsey stood in the bright sun. She was starting to really sweat and it dripped off of her body.  One of the parade attendance cam walking by with a water bottle pushed the tube into Kelsey’s mouth.  He squeezed and cool water traveled down her throat.

“Thanks,” Mark said. “I don’t want her fainting in this heat.”

A few minutes later, Mark flicked the whip and Kelsey started down Main Street with the other ponies and parade floats going by. It took only about half an hour, but Kelsey felt as if the parade would never end. She was pointed at and people were taking pictures!

She wanted to die right then and there.

Finally the parade ended. Mark dismounted the cart and led Kelsey by the reins to a side street where the participants were having a barbeque.

“Come along, Poppy,” Mark said as he tied the leather reins to a lamppost and joined the others in the barbeque without saying so much as another word to Kelsey. She stood there sweating and shaking from the experience.

Some of the people from the parade walking by stopped to check her out and pet her above and below the waist.  And that included stroking her well exposed breasts and her round, smooth ass cheeks.

One of the observer’s, a woman, walked up to Kelsey and put two fingers in between her hairless pussy lips and began stroking slowly back and forth and moving her fingers in deeper! Kelsey was speechless and in shock, unable to think clearly or for that matter defend herself as she just stood there allowing it to happen.

Humiliation stunned her as both men and women stood by watching this, allowing something like this to happen. Kelsey slowly moved her hips, bucking back and forth in rhythm to the woman’s invading fingers as she slipped her third finger into Kelsey’s wet pussy, causing Kelsey to cum uncontrollably into woman’s hand and dripping into the grass below her feet.

The woman smiled as she withdrew her fingers from Kelsey’s pussy and put them into her own mouth, tasting the sweet, sticky cum.

“Umm, sweet,” she said, sounding satisfied as she walked away from the teen.  Kelsey’s face was a bright cherry red burning with humiliation as cum ran down the sides of her lovely, smooth legs. The woman walked off as some of the other people posed with her for pictures.

Kelsey wasn’t the only human pony girl there of course, tied to a lamppost or a thick tree branch.  To Kelsey’s right there was an Asian girl just about the same age as Kelsey, with black hair running down her back. It looked like she didn’t want to be here either.

About a half an hour later Mark reappeared, accompanied by a man who appeared to be in his 20’s, wearing a cowboy hat.  This man was someone Kelsey had never seen before.  He slowly stroked her, petting her on the ass and then gave her a good slap on the back just above her butt!

Untying Kelsey, he led her over to a truck and trailer.  Once there, he guided Kelsey by the reins over to the back of the trailer.

As the cowboy opened the trailer door, Kelsey looked inside.  There was another human pony-girl inside secured with padded leather straps ensuring she couldn’t move.

Mark watched as the cowboy led Kelsey to the back of the trailer, noting the fearful look on her face.

“Alright, get in Poppy!” Mark ordered. Kelsey looked into the trailer, refusing to get in until the cowboy grabbed a crop and sliced it across her ass!

Kelsey was ushered into the trailer as her hooves were positioned on two metal plates. The cowboy smiled as he pulled a lever and the plates snapped shut, imprisoning Kelsey’s feet.

Next, more straps went through rings in her harness and both Mark and the cowboy pulled the straps tight.  And in only minutes Kelsey was trapped inside a horse trailer, just like the black girl before her!

What’s happening? Thought Kelsey. I did what he asked of me. I marched in his damn parade!

Mark knelt next to Kelsey as he placed his mouth next to her ear. “Jones here he has made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So, I sold you,” he explained. “Jones will take good care of you, I am sure.  And you’ll learn what it means to be a real pony.”

Mark patted Kelsey on her head, moving his fingers through her hair. He pet her a final time before he left her side. “Oh, and don’t worry about your job. I’ll get someone else to cover your shift,” he said as he walked out of the trailer and left her sight.

The cowboy closed the back of the trailer door and locked it shut.

Kelsey could do nothing but feel her tears running down her cheeks. She trembled as the trailer moved through the streets, unaware that the cowboy, Doug Jones and Mark were up front in the cabby of the pick-up truck, driving down Main street.

They were on their way to Mark’s residence where they would renegotiate Kelsey’s contract!

It didn’t take long to reach the condo. Mark led the cowboy inside his condo where they would be doing their business.

They spent the next half hour renegotiating Kelsey Olson’s American Slave Association contract. Mark carefully forged the contract, extending the terms from one day of Kelsey’s general enslavement to a lifetime commitment, forfeiting her rights and freedom to being a slave 24/7/365 for the rest of her life.

They even went as far as connecting to the ASA website on Mark’s desktop computer as they registered Kelsey Olson as a legal slave and linked her account with Doug Jones where a transfer of ownership took place.

With the negotiation of the contract completed, Doug Jones wrote a check for $50,000.00 and handed it over to Mark without a second thought. “A pleasure doing business with you,” he said, tipping the front of his cowboy hat as he left Mark’s condo.

“Likewise,” Mark responded as he took the check from Jones and shook his hand before he left. Jones took with him the paper copy of Kelsey’s updated contract and the inflator bulb.

As soon as the cowboy left Mark’s residence, he was back in his truck, driving off with the trailer in tow, through the streets and onto the highway.

Written by Trainer81

The following story you just read is a work in progress… We plan to have ‘Poppy The Pony Girl: Part 3’ to be made available to those who already purchased in the development stage of this story and giving you first access before anyone else.

Poppy The Pony Girl: Part 3; will be coming soon in 2022…

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Poppy The Pony Girl Copyright © 2021

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