Halloween Teens

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Chapter 1: Bad choices

The day before Halloween on Oct. 30th of 2012.

It all began one afternoon before Halloween. It appeared to be just like any other day. She was going over the computer read outs that were just now showing up on her screen. While closely examining the data, she squinted at the monitor that showed numbers, dashes and lines of lettered code. She was trying to create a new formula. “Oh boy, oh boy,” She spoke out loud to herself. Amy had started talking to herself years ago, and it had become a habit.

Amy was a 33 years old local scientist with the body of a 200 pound, badly misshaped beach ball. The only thing that she had going for her was her beautiful long black hair which ran smooth as silk.

“Oh! I just made a break through. I believe I’ve finally found the reversal gene that will make me young again!” Unknowingly, Amy didn’t realize that she’d made a mistake. She didn’t see the central 2B=gene error. Her tired eyes had scanned right through as she’d been analyzing the data, but she’d missed it.

“I’ve spent 13 years trying to perfect the youth formula, using science as my best friend. The computer read outs said that I needed to reconfigure the gene cell to a three point 5/6-G stem in the formula.” Looking down, Amy noticed her eBay window was flashing. Clicking the Internet Explorer tab she excitedly exclaimed, “I have 3 new bids on my auctions!”

Amy sold stuff on eBay for a living because it was easier than having a job in the public eye. For someone like her, being in public was hard. She noticed she was about to cry again. While fighting back the tears and trying to compose her, “I don’t have time for this right now.” She sniffled. She then forced a smile and finding the courage she announced, “I’ll show them. I’ll show them all, when I find my youth!” She smiled thinking about the possibilities of all the cute guys and having a better job. “Who knows maybe I’ll even go back to college…” she thought quietly. While looking at the clock on her computer screen she saw how late it was getting.

Amy’s sister, Ally would be home soon. Ally had a good job at a bank downtown where she worked 5 days a week with good pay. Although Amy was happy for her sister, she sure wished that she had the same opportunity.

Chapter 2: Sisters

Smiling as she walked up the stairs to the kitchen, Amy found her twin sister putting away the groceries. “Hi sis!” she said.

As they were standing there in the kitchen Ally responded with interest, ““Hi Amy, how’s it going?”

The two girls had looked a lot alike when they were younger and they still had similarities but Ally’s frame was that of a hundred and five-pound beauty, with lovely curves. Things had changed for them both since their childhood.

“Pretty good, Ally! I made a break through!” Amy was now helping her sister to put away the groceries. The sisters continued to talk as they completed their task. For the past 10 years they had lived together sharing a house that they rented. Ever since Amy’s heart attack a year ago, Ally was hardly able to bring up to her sister the possibility of her moving especially since she had her heart attack. Since then, she’d been trying to work up the nerve to bring it up again but she had told herself to just wait another year. To Ally this felt like forever.

“Oh really?” she frowned in her sisters direction.

“Yeah and that’s not the best part,” Amy paused as she was breathing heavily, “my youth formula…” she panted and took another pause still trying to catch her breath.

“I don’t want to hear this!” Ally exclaimed.

Ignoring her sister’s protest and picking up where she’d left off, Amy continued… “It’s almost ready!”

Not sounding surprised Ally rolled her eyes, “I’m sick of this youth crap” thought Ally. She then inhaled deeply and looked toward her hopeful sister… “Look, Amy maybe it’s time you…”

She was cut off by her sister’s loud voice. “But this time it will work! The DNA stems don’t lie! They’ve been configured perfectly.”

Ally shook her head having no idea what that meant and prepared to yell at her sister but Amy’s
dejected looked hushed her and she let her sister continue. Amy just stood there shaking her head, “I know the last two subjects were infeasible…” she said with a sigh.

Ally’s eyes grew large as saucers. ‘Infeasible? Was she kidding?’ That pushed her over the edge. She couldn’t control herself any longer. “Are you kidding me, Amy? Those ‘subjects’, as you call them… they were living animals and they DIED!” She yelled.

Amy was ready with her rebuttal and she wasted no time fighting back. “A small set back yes but, this time it will work.” Even though she was smiling she couldn’t hide the annoyance in the sound of her tone.

Ally threw her hands up in the air and exhaled exhaustively. “Oh Amy, you can’t go on living like this anymore.” She moved a step close to put her arms around her sister’s shoulders and calmed herself. Her tone then softened as she told her, “I’m worried about you.” She looked at Amy straight in the eyes and frowned. She stepped around her and walked into the living room. Hoping to catch the weather forecast on the television she grabbed the remote control from the coffee table.
“Take it with me! Please Ally?” Amy asked from behind her.

Ally whirled around unable to hide the surprised look on her face. “You’re kidding right?” she scoffed. Amy was annoyed that Ally didn’t have any faith in her abilities. Ally on the other hand, was struggling with her own thoughts. She knew that her sister did have an
amazing gift for science. Especially, since she’d never received any formal training or education. For a moment she allowed herself to think of the possibilities… her sister sounded so sure of herself this time. She inhaled deeply. Sensing that her sisters resolve was weakening, she went in for the kill, “It’ll work sis,” said Amy. A commercial for ‘Cheesy Puff Snacks’ ended, and the news anchorwoman was announcing the upcoming weather segment. Elevator music ensued and a blue screen flashed across the monitor with the forecast. It appeared that they could expect mild weather. It read clear skies all day tomorrow and a warm evening. With tomorrow being Halloween, The news anchor made a comment warning of the possibility of werewolves coming out tomorrow night do to an expected full moon.

“Nonsense!” Ally thought to herself and returned her attention back towards her sister who was still waiting for an answer. She stood tall and hoped that her stance would show Amy that she was serious. Seeing that it was having no effect at all, she started shaking her head and sighed.
“No, no I won’t and… and you shouldn’t either!” Ally was just not comfortable with the idea.

Not wanting to see the look of disappointment in her sister’s eyes she turned away to glance back at the dancing chicken on the television. She couldn’t; however, avoid overhearing her…
“Why are you afraid? It might work!” Amy almost giggled with anticipation at the thought of being young again.

“Even if it could, you have no idea what would happen. Amy… of course, I’d love to be young again. Who wouldn’t? But it’s just too dangerous.” While rubbing the tips of her fingers through her hair, she hoped that would be the end of it. She looked down at her hair and then up at Amy’s. It’s not like her hair was hideous or anything but she’s gotten so many perms when she was younger that her hair just didn’t have the same sheen that it used to have when they were younger. Amy’s hair; however, was quite pretty. It was smooth and silky and unlike hers, her sister’s hair had not been damaged by chemical treatments, perms and dyes. Just then her train of thought was broken when she heard a car drive up.

“Oh!” She exclaimed with a broad smile.

“Ohhhh” Amy groaned and rolled her eyes before clasping her hands together, doing her impression of a ‘love-struck’ teenager behind Ally’s back while she looked out the window waving excitedly. Ally ignored her and ran to the window, looking out she saw her boyfriend, Jeff who was sitting in his car waiting for her. He gave the horn a beep.

“I guess that’s Jeff, you guys going out again?” Amy asked softly as she smiled. Ally was grinning from ear to ear, truly smiling for the first time since she’d got home from work.

“Yeah it’s getting serious now. I think he might ask me to marry him!” She giggled like a teenager.
She was blushing as she made her way to the side entrance and grabbing her purse along the way. “Don’t wait up Sis! Love ya!” She called out as she quickly made her way to Jeff. She left the door wide open and looked back giving her sister a wink.

Still standing near the television set, Amy grabbed the remote from where it had landed when Ally threw it down to run to the window. Then realizing that their conversation wasn’t over yet she ran to the open doorway and called out after her sister. “Hey. What about my offer?” She said as she was making her way to the balcony just in time to see Jeff yelling at Ally to hurry up. Her sister ran down the driveway and jumped in the car. Slamming the door quickly, Amy was then left alone. Frowning, she turned back to go inside, muttering to herself in her usual way… “I have to save that sister of mine, but how?” A deliciously naughty thought crept into her mind
“Oh yeah…” she said out loud. “Back to my laboratory, muah muah haaaa….” she smirked to herself. Noting to her that when she wanted to, she made a pretty convincing a mad scientist. Maybe she should change her Halloween costume tomorrow night… It was going to be a long night downstairs in the basement while she did her research and experimentation.

Chapter 3: The breakthrough

Taking a handful of candy bars along with her plate of spaghetti, piled high with meatballs, Amy sat down for dinner in front of her computer. She thought it was best to work on her youth thing. She continued until 2:30 in the morning, relentless as she went about perfecting the formula.
Looking up at the wall clock, “Huh 2:30, I didn’t think it was that late.” She was certainly tired, but she felt the urge to press on. “I’m so close now…” she thought holding her breath as she began pouring the stem-cell mixture into the glass test tube. She was mixing the stem-cells in with the youth formula!

“Ah, all I have to do is wait,” She said loudly and allowed herself to sit back and relax. She was pleased. She glanced up at the clock again, taking note of the exact time. There needed to be a sufficient amount of time for the formula to set before it could even be tested. After awhile, she quit avoiding the desire to get a snack but a little while later she went upstairs and got a plate of baked goodies, mainly M&M’s laden cookies and a glass of milk to wash it all down. Carefully making her way back down the stairs, she brought the goodies all back to her small lab setup.
That’s when she saw the clear white glow that was slightly lighting up the dim room! Smiling with joy, “Oh god, oh thank you, thank you!!!” She shouted, hurrying over to the table and put the glass of milk and cookies aside.

She could hardly contain herself. “Oh yes! It’s ready!” she giggled. “I’ve waited so many years for this day and now it is here! My second chance at life… a real life!”

“Hmm,” She wondered how long she should wait to take it. Smiling, Amy quickly grabbed her glass of slim milk that she’d brought down the stairs from the kitchen. She ate a few cookies and
drank some of the milk all the while never taking her eyes off of the glass vile. She looked down at her hand, still holding the milk. It was still half full. She set it down and grabbed the vile up carefully and poured it in the milk. Without hesitating another moment, she stirred it a few times and held it up to the light. She was ready!
“Well here’s to my new teen years,” She smiled drinking the milk with pride. Something happened within seconds of drinking the remaining sips of the milk. “Ah! Oh!” She felt her head spinning, but that wasn’t the end of it… “Ah! Ah! Oh!” Amy’s body shook uncontrollably. Everything was spinning as she fell over off of her leather bar stool and hit the hard floor.
Pressing her hands on her stomach, she wreathed on the floor. The pain wouldn’t stop. It was like her intestines were twisting inside of her. She could feel her guts ache. Suddenly fear set in…was this pain worth it? She sure hoped so!

Amy’s body began to glow a bright yellow. She could actually feel herself grow thinner in size. She had a hard time staying awake but she knew she had to remain conscious for this. It was important that she write about this for her research, even though the pain was now reaching her head. She thought she saw a light flash and some muffled sounds in the distance.

Flying down the stairs, screaming Amy’s name, Ally rushed over to her twin sister’s side.
In horror she yelled, “Oh my god, oh god no Amy!” Frightened, she bent down in shock staring at her sisters glowing body. She was screaming and worried for her sister’s life. “I told you! Why didn’t you listen to me? Look at you, you’re… Oh my god, you’re skinny… what’s happening?” She cried.

With all the pain that Amy felt, she was also excited. She could also feel the difference in her body. She felt different. The pain will pass she reminded herself. At this point, she could only think of Ally. ‘I am glad she’s here with me now.’ Amy thought to herself. She was wondering if she could manage to smile. There was an increasing endless pain growing inside of her body.

As painful as it was she forced herself to her knees. Amy grabbed what was left of the milk-made formula. Holding the glass in her shaking hands and offered it to her sister, Ally.
“Sis-sister?” She struggled to say, moaning softly. Staring at the milk in her sister’s hand, Ally’s eyes grew bigger… “What? No! You’re crazy,” She said coming out of her trance as she tried to move her head away quickly!

Just then, Amy splashed Ally in the face mostly around her lips. Ally screamed “Noooo” trying to turn her head in time. But it was too late; some of the formula-milk had made it down her throat. “No! What the…? Ah! Ah!” Falling onto her side and laying on the ground near her sister’s feet, her body began shaking just as Amy’s glowing body fell beside her, everything was going dark. The pain had subsided, but blackness had set in. Together they lay on the floor, Ally writhing in pain. Amy became unconscious next to the lab table. Ally tried to wipe off the milk-formula that had splashed onto her face but it had already dissolved. It was soaking quickly into her skins cells as it had already begun re-coding her DNA! Her stomach starting to hurt, “Oh what, what have you done? You…ah!” She screamed. She was scared, fearful of what would happen next! Finally, her glowing body fell unconscious and spread out on the floor, next to her sisters.

Chapter 4: “Major Mistakes”

Oct. 31th, 2012 early morning 7:05am.

“Oh, oh,” She moaned and began blinking her eyes. Amy felt stiff all over from sleeping on a cold floor all night. While she was lying on her back Amy held up her young white hands. Holding them in front of her face where she could see them, she noted that her new cream must be working because her hands were certainly were looking well. Her pink fingernails looked so fresh. They looked just like new.

“Wow, wow!” She smiled. Then she smirked to herself noticing how young her voice sounded.
“Oh I sound like a baby!” She said softly speaking. Getting herself up into a sitting position, she began waving her young thin arms in the air. “Oh Ally, Ally I did it!” As she looked down next to her she saw that her sister laid there unconscious. Amy then stood up and took off the clothes that once fit her. Her shirt and pants slid down around her feet exposing her wonderful new body! As she looked down at her sister, Ally she couldn’t help but stare. “Oh… my!” She exclaimed. Ally was now young and beautiful with the body of a teenager; She was a very good-looking girl. “No it can’t be!” she cried while running up the stairs butt naked towards the bathroom mirror. Hurrying into the bathroom she found a shocking sight. Staring back at her was what could have been the refection of Hilary Duff. A young vibrant face… it was a complete stronger look looking back at her. Gasping for breath, Amy’s mouth fell open. She then she fell over onto the carpet beside the sink. The last thing that she remembered was the face of a young girl. She was now the proud new owner of an 18 year old looking body. The last thing that Amy heard before passing out again was her sister’s screams!

Chapter 5: “Missing Cargo”

Oct. 31st, 2012, afternoon.

It was a busy afternoon for the English brothers, Bill and Ben. They were sitting around their coffee table in the living room of their apartment. Glancing over the email on the computer screen he frowned and pounded his fist on the table. “I can’t believe they lost our shipment!” Said Bill reading the e-mail from the Slave Breeders over again for the second time.
Getting up off of the leather chair he stood over his brother’s shoulder from behind the couch. “Well, they didn’t lose it, it ran away!” Ben retorted calmly. Anyways, it’s a set back!” Bill responded, but his brother was as calm as ever… simply saying, “Don’t sweat it bro! Look man, it is a setback, but we’ll find a way around this!” he said twisting himself around to face Bill. Then he looked his brother squarely in the eye and winked before sitting back
again. Thinking seriously, “Zoe a beer!” Ben spoke harshly to the 19-teen year old girl that was busy cleaning the apartment. She wasn’t just their maid, but a personal slave and sex toy they had bought from a slave breeder in China.

Looking up from her chores she said, “Yes Master,” as she quietly was obeying her one owner. The black haired girl stopped what she was doing to go and get him his beer! Ben and Bill had ordered eleven new slaves for tonight but now they were missing two. “So, we still need two girls for tonight.” Putting his fingers under his chin, “Yes, tonight’s Halloween. The night of big entertainment!” Ben said. “What are we going to do?” He scratched his head, trying to think of a way out of this mess. Tonight’s the night they would open there sex rooms to the public. It would be the beginning of their new empire and the first of many such nights. They had important men to impress. They both knew that they were going to be in big trouble over the fact they were short two girls. Owning a BDSM nightclub business Ben and Bill had a big job but not without its rewarding perks and profits. In their last venture, they’d made money hand over fist, 6 days a week every night from Monday through Saturday.

Bill smirked as he came up with an idea. “I was just thinking Ben, what if we just grab two girls. You know!” Leaning back he closed his eyes. He needed to rest his eyes some. He’d been up all night.

“Hmm, that’s not a bad idea!” His brother smiled grabbing the beer from the young girls little
hands. Then she bent down to the floor while kneeling down with her green eyes cast down.

“Come here slut!” Crawling on her hands and knees, she made her way over to Bill. She was kneeling in between his legs. Speaking up as he sipped his beer, he continued. “I’ll prepare the car for tonight.”

The apartment was a five room pen house on the upper floor of a BDSM nightclub called,
“The SPOT”

“Sounds good, man. I’ll get the costumes ready.” Opening the zipper of his pants, Zoe opened her tiny mouth wide while closing her eyes she let his cock touch the inside of her mouth.
Slowly she licked the tip of his cock with her red tongue. He held the back of her head with one hand while his other hand squeezed her large breasts roughly. “Oh, Oh Yeah!” He exclaimed loudly. Cumming wildly down her throat! Zoe used to push away in the old days when they wanted her to perform a simple blow-job. But now, being the good girl that she is, Zoe hardly resists her owners!

Zoe grew to loving the idea that she was nothing more than an object. She is just a piece of property for her owners to do as they wanted with her. Opening the door, “Right. I’ll make sure of that!” Ben said leaving the pent house and walking down the stairs into the lower floor of his nightclub.

Chapter 6: “Eight Teen Again”

Standing around the kitchen table wearing absolutely no clothing she was bearing the brunt of her sister’s wrath. “What the hell were you thinking?” continuing to shout at Amy. She was
angry at her sister. Amy just stared with a strange calmness. There was no expression on her face. “I don’t know, for the last time I don’t know, what went wrong!” She answered back, tossing her arms up in the air and waving them for effect.
Gnashing her teeth at her sister, Ally spat… “You know what, I don’t care. Look at what you’ve done to me? I didn’t want this,” She threw a punch, swinging her lean smooth arms in the air.

“Look Ally I’m sorry, and I know this is a major setback, but…” Amy was yelling back but she suddenly stopped for she was realizing just how good it felt to be so full of energy. Amy smiled at how wonderful her new body felt. Seeing her sister smile so happy, she looked down at her own body and touched what she remembered as the breasts of her teen years, around 18 to be exact. They were her breasts! But she hadn’t wanted this and it did more than annoy Ally.
“But what? I can’t go to work like this?” Then it hit her like a sharp knife, right through her heart. Jeff would never marry an 18 year old!
Amy took a few drinks of some grape soda. “I do have a theory! Now, maybe Hilary’s gene cell,
merged with the DNA somehow…” She wondered about the digital gene copies of DNA that she kept on her computer.

“Can you fix this?” Almost begging…“Last night Jeff asked me to marry him!” Ally pouted, pointing at her naked body and not smiling one bit.
Giggling like a schoolgirl, Amy was more than pleased with her appearance. “Oh wow, way to go Amy!” Trying to cheer up her sister and she did feel happy for her just the same, her smile wasn’t fake. “Ah!” Ally screamed. “This is not cool, not cool at all!! If he sees me like this he’s going to… him… he’ll…” Ally bent over and sunk down to her knees. She was crying on the floor with the palms of her hands covering her face. “He’ll stop loving me…”
Amy was leaning over to comfort her sister “Of course he won’t. I’m sure; Jeff loves you for you not for your body.” She smiled hugging Ally around her small neck. But she just cried even louder.

“But… but I’m 18 and he’s 36!” She wept. She was certain that he would freak out if he knew about this. He’ll call her a mutant. After all, he was quite the conservative.
Amy stood at around 5’4” tall. She pulled her sister up off of the floor and Ally stood the same height as her. She still continued to sob some. Thinking positive for her sister’s sake, she said, “Look, tonight’s Halloween. Why don’t you and I go trick or treating, huh?” Suddenly she felt like a live wire, she was ready to explode with energy. She was anxious to get out there and have fun! Ally felt the sense of her youthful mind for the first time and she perked up a little at the thought of a having an adventure and a good time. This would make an interesting story if nothing else and Amy would surely find a way to fix this.

“You’re joking right?” She knew she wasn’t. Just then they both laughed. Wiping away her tears, she looked serious. “Look Amy I want you to fix me, okay.”

Amy nodded. “Alright, fine. But I’m not going back!” She said, sounding serious for the first time. “I’ll work on it later after lunch,” They both smiled.

“Fine,” Said Ally, absently running her hands through her light blonde Duff hair. She really did look like the actress, Hilary. The two blond haired ‘Hilary Duff’ look a-likes smiled and made their way over to the other side of the kitchen to make themselves some lunch.
Two girls sat laughingly and commented each other on their long lovely blonde hair and their curves. They felt like goddesses. Their tight round asses and firm well rounded breasts… they were certainly a sight! They sat at on the bar stools, swinging their legs and talking about the good old times as they ate their lunch that afternoon.

Chapter 7: “Three Hours Before Nightfall”

‘Halloween Night 10/31/12’

Amy and Ally were having the time of their lives ‘trick or treating’ that night. They were making the rounds throughout the neighborhood. Just as it was getting dark they were wrapping up on their own block. Standing on the doorstep of a house in the middle of the block, the girls giggled as one of them reached to ring the doorbell. They just smiled at each other but said nothing. Each lost in her own thoughts. Amy, ecstatic that she’d found a way to ditch her former mundane existence, was daydreaming of all the possible new experiences she’d get to enjoy in her new life. Ally was just wishing that she could go back to her old life. She was worried about how her boyfriend would take things if he ever found out…

Finally, they heard footsteps. The door opened and a rosy cheeked woman smiled at the girls.
“My, don’t you two look sweet!” said a pleasant, 40 something year old woman with a plump middle and mousy brown hair. Amy and Ally blushed from the compliment.

“Trick or treat!” Amy and Ally said out loud together. The woman was amazed. She looked at the two girls and wondered how the girls had got their costumes to look so real. They looked just like that young actress her daughters use to watch on TV! She handle them each a candy bar.

“Thank you!” said Amy smiling as she walked away. Watching the candy bar drop into her Halloween sack, “Thank you so much,” They were both smiling by time they walked away. Amy was in the front and Ally struggled to catch up with her sister. While they were talking over lunch, Amy had it all planned out since. Being 18 again she wanted to go back to college. She was even thinking about dying her hair black as soon as they got home. She frowned when she remembered as she would have to first reverse her sister’s youth. As they were walking to the next house she said, “See I told you this would be fun!”

Smiling, “I guess this isn’t so bad. I mean memories and all.” Ally said looking at her candy in the Halloween bag that she held onto with both hands.

Sounding serious for a second, “Hey you promised me a cure for this?”

“Don’t worry I will keep my promise,” Amy said assuring her.

Just down the road, a cop car was moving very slowly down Third Street. It was a white shiny automobile with tan windows, the kind you couldn’t see through but you were able to look out perfectly if you happen to be sitting inside.

“Ben you seen anyone good enough yet?” Driving the cop car with his buddy next to him in
the passenger seat. They were driving in mid-daylight passing houses on their way to the local

“Oh not yet Bill,” he whispers looking for the second time. He told Bill to drive slower.

“What man? What is it?!” He questioned while looking out Ben’s side of the window. Pointing he said, “Look at those two teens, over there! Those are not costumes!” They were both amazed at the Hilary Duff look a likes. Ben smiled big time licking his lips!

“Oh god you’re right! I happen to know the real Hilary Duff, is in Florida!” Said Bill as his mind started thinking of how much money he could make with a Duff look a-like!
“Just what we need!” Bill said pulling the car to the side of the road next to the curve. Getting out of the car Bill stood 6’7” tall. His brother, Ben stood 6’4” tall in height and both were strongly built. Bill and Ben had to move quickly as the girls were alone now but that was going to change real soon.

Bill spoke, “Hey ladies, may we have a word with you?” The two cops stood on the driver’s side. As the two teens noticed them they made their way over to where the cops were standing.
Just then Bill and Ben quickly went over to where the girls were and they each grabbed a Duff girl not giving them time to respond. Ben quickly opened the back door pushing Ally inside as Bill did the same with Amy. Both the girls were feeling shaken up like little dolls as they landed roughly on the backseat of the car. Struggling as Amy laid on top of Ally’s back for Ally was positioned face down on the leather.

“You are both under arrest!” He laughed while shutting the door in their faces. Licking his lips he bent over grabbing the two sacks of Halloween candy, “Nice, you want some?” Bill asked while looking at the goodies in each of the bags. “No, maybe later.” Ben smiles at his brother. Quickly before the car could drive off with them inside, Ally and Amy try to look for a way out! As the two phony cops sat in the seats up front, they started driving away with the girls in the back of the car!

Both girls were horrified as they realized that the back door had no handles, no window controls and no controls of any kind in the back seat. They panicked as they were noticing that the glass windows would be near to impossible to break. This car even had a clear hard glass between the front and back seat of the car.

They were screaming as the car speeding off. Bill and Ben heading out of the city, traveling to a well-known nightclub known as The SPOT!!! They were listening to the wonderful music from the back seat; the crying and screaming of their very own Duff girls.

Chapter 8: “Halloween Treats or Teens”

“Help me, help me,” Amy pounded her fists on the back right side door loudly screaming. Ally
was squirming in the back seat of the car. She could be heard crying, “It’s no use,”

“We are traveling too fast!” She cuddles next to her sister. Unable to think things through, things were happening too fast for their young minds. The fear was setting in. They were fearful for their lives. Mean while up front Bill and Ben where having the time of their lives, “Just listen to that one scream!” Bill laughed. Ben believed he was making good timing. It was now 8:00 pm and the club would be opening up soon. “Yeah she’ll do wonderful on stage. Speaking of which, we should just keep one and auction the off the other one!”
Licking his lips he suggested that they start the bidding at $2,000! “I can’t wait to get out of this uniform.” Ben thought, “Wait! What about the other sex room?” He asked smiling slyly as he continued driving down the back road.

“Oh I have thought of that. We could just use one of the waitresses.” He smirked at the idea. “Oh yeah,” Ben agreed with his brother as he leaned back listening to the screaming from the backseat!

Driving up in back of the building the fake police car approaches the BDSM nightclub. Fearfully
two teenagers notice that they were approaching a building as the car drives threw the opening garage doors and then closing behind them. Amy and Ally were all shaken up and feeling very uneasy, “Please let go, let Amy and I go,” expressing a great deal of concern for herself and her sister. Getting out of the car along with his brother, they both stood by the left back door of the car. “Shut up bitch!” Ben snaps.

Running over to the left side of the garage, “I will get the gas hose!” Bill shouts. He smiles as he watches the fearful teens cuddling together. “You’re both slave’s now. Property! Do not talk unless you are first spoken too!” Ben grins. He wore special sunglasses that allowed him to look through the dark tan windows so that he was able to watch his young prey in the backseat. Seeing his brother return, Ben goes over to a certain area where there is a 5-inch round hose that is hooked up to a pump. “Just say when!” Ben calls out sounding serious.

Bill reaches into his front shirt pocket taking out the special pair of sunglasses to wear.
Leaning under the car Bill bends over removing a 5-inch round cap placing the hose in it’s
place, quickly tightening the hose under the hole that leads to the back of the car! “Now!” He
tells his brother while watching the gas seep through the floor. Unable to control their breathing any longer the girls couldn’t help but breathe in the gas. It makes the girls limp and unable to move!

Ally couldn’t move an inch. She could feel, see and sense what was happening around her but was unable to move her body. Her mouth just hung open as she breathed in the horrifying gas!
Standing near the pumps pipeline Ben stood by the controls. “I think that might be enough
‘calming’ drugs.” He tells Ben wondering if he should turn things off now!
The gas smelled like mint. The right side door opens as she was able to see one of the men. He was wearing a gas mask. While looking at the two beautiful Duff look a-likes, “let’s see. One of you will be auctioned off,” He smiled as he squeezed each of the girl’s breasts sampling the goodies.

“Well, the other lucky one gets to stay here,” He whispers quietly. “Hmm, you!” He treated her like he was giving her a choice or something but in reality he wasn’t. He grabbed the one with the uneasy and sad look on her face. “Ah!” she could only shout in her mind feeling trapped, as she couldn’t speak any words or let alone be able to scream. The frightening man grabbed her roughly around her, chest just below her breasts, placing her over his left shoulder. The palm of his right hand was touching her ass, tightly holding onto her.

The tears were running down her face. He carried her behind a big red curtain. The stage was big and a lot of things were setup all around as he carried me through the stage. Other people were at the other end and were doing a lot of chatting. Although, she could hear the sounds it was difficult to make out what was being said. She thought his name was Ben but wasn’t entirely sure. He laid her carefully out on a white cart table, positioning her on her back. His hand pawing over her entire body as he took off her clothes leaving her naked and exposed.

Meanwhile, down the hall of the nightclub. The entertainment area it was only minutes before
opening night. Amy was lying on her stomach. Her head positioned sideways to the left, while she was laying in a king size-bed. He started to leave some time after the nude picture he took of her! He pulled the covers up over her body and up to her neck. “Your public will be here soon, girl. I already have 5 line ups waiting to play with you!” Bill smiled turning off the light as he left. Where is Ally was all she could think about! Her body felt like jelly for she could barely move.

The lights turned on automatically and a bright white shining in her face. The door opened! “Umm pretty” He pulled the covers away from Amy’s naked body. The most
sickening man approached her. She thought that she was going to die as he touched her backside. “No, no don’t,” All that could be heard where sweet noticeable squeals. Pulling her over onto her back he started kissing her as he held onto her while putting his arms around her tightly touching the back of her head. Oh god he was letting his pants down, she could feel them slid down against her legs! Think god he weighed about as much as she did!
“Oh god you’re sexy!” Speaking to the helpless girl just as he started kissing her lovely breasts. Oh god the pain! He was lightly sucking her hard nipple as her body buckled back and forth uncontrollably. Feeling jerked around, feeling his hard cock against her hips she felt it grow and noticing it was starting to rub it up and down her legs!

“Umm, Umm, Oh yeah!!!” He moans starting to sit up on top of the teen. Grabbing hold of her
stomach his two hands clamping around her pretty little body. Oh no anything but that! But the girl felt it. She felt him enter her! It started slowly but then faster and faster, jamming his cock inside of her. “Oh god, a virgin! What luck!” The middle-aged man spoke out loud. She tried jerking away from him but couldn’t for his hold on myher stomach was just too much. She felt his seed. He was cumming inside of her. Ripping away at the insides of her body, he really enjoyed causing her discomfort. She watched him as he moved away from her getting up out of the bed that they just shared. The girl couldn’t help but softly cry as she was watching him leave. “Boy I’m going to rent you tomorrow night. See you around cutie!” He left as Amy’s next customer walked into her small entertainment room her prison. The same thing happened all over again he made love to her, abused her without mercy. Just like the customer before expect this guy he is big and hairy. He also enjoys lightly biting her ears! A little while later, after he rapes her he left with a smile on his face. The girl heard him say out loud, god I love the SPOT!!

With very little dignity that Amy had left as she laid there waiting for her next customer. She felt torn and humiliated. It is past 9:14 in the evening as poor Amy lost track of all time.
Every hour on the hour new line-ups came and went feeling pleased with the nightly rental they chose! Amy now known as the Hilary Duff doll, was the star of Halloween night. Everyone wanted try her out for the evening.
Losing track of the time, she tried to keep up but couldn’t handle the situation with what was going on. Her insides where on fire! The last customer had bondage claps that he placed on her nipples. She cried like a ghost for so long that she began to realize that she was nothing but a living sex doll to these people! The girl just wanted this nightmare to be over! Oh why did she have to miss with Mother Nature? Why? The next customers walk in and this time it was two guys. “No,” She weeps. They came near her grabbing at her and pinching her sore nipples. The girl couldn’t handle the pressure as they hardly said a word to her. She was just a piece of meat to be played with! “Umm man, Ron, get a load of this Hilary Duff, Huh?” Mike said rubbing the back of the shivering teen, with the back of his hand. Giggling as he grabs her messed up blonde hair, “Which end do you want, first?” Ron asked with enjoyment in the tone of his voice.
Grabbing Hilary by the shoulders pulling her off of the white sheets out of the bed! “I’ll take the
mouth!” He smirks positioning the poor teen down on the floor. “Wonderful!” Dropping his pants. Oh she didn’t like the looks of this as he held onto her, sitting on the bed he positions her on her knees where she knelt for him. If he hadn’t supported her body she would have fallen unto her face! His friend knelt down from behind her as he began messaging her sweaty back rubbing his hands up and down her body. This is enough to support the girl as the guy up front was forcing her mouth.

He reaches into his pocket taking out what looks like a round metal ring, a big ring that he brings
towards her mouth. The girl couldn’t support her head without his help but I found if she struggled enough, she could move at least a little. Trying to move her face away from his invading fingers from trying to enter my mouth with that awful looking ring he held onto with that hand. “Oh bad girl!” He snaps using his right hand to apply pressure around her tiny neck, pressing two fingers inward near her ear!

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” She couldn’t stop screaming inside her mind from the endless pain. Tears were rolling down her face. This just gave him permission to hurt her further. Breaking she gives in allowing the large male fingers to place the ring between her teeth with the following string that was tied around her head helping to secure the ring! Her mouth opens as far as it could go; oh it hurt even worse than the time the biker girl spanked her until her ass turned hot red! She lost track of how many customers visited her for most of their faces where just a blur! Now her jaws were on fire!

His friend behind entered her ass pumping back and forth. She didn’t know if she could handle it. She already felt degraded from what had happened so far. Opening his pants the girl saw his cock, it is so huge. Crying all over again her sweet tears fleshed her face as he brought his cock near her mouth; slowly he allowed it to invade! “Lick it bitch!” Snaps Mike. His cock huge as it is up against her tongue. Trying to be brave she felt the man from behind her start to cum within her ass as he held onto both her breasts squeezing them tightly. Ignoring the pain, she began licking the tip of the cock like the good little girl he wanted her to be!

Feeling the pleasure build up within him, “Oh yeah good girl,” Mike quickly grips the back of her head with both hands holding onto her head tightly as he’s starting to cum!
Ron moans wildly as he presses deeper leaving red finger marks on her breasts as his hands slowly move down touching her skin around her waist. “Oh she is tight!” He wildly fucks her ass! He moans softly, “I wish we had more time with her!” Says Mike as he complexes starting to cum in her mouth. “Drink it girl!” while holding her head in closer. “That’s a good dolly!”
“Oh yeah, but we don’t want to miss the auction? I heard some rumor.” Ron spoke with excitement! Watching the young teen drink his cum and piss he chose to go further with her, seeing that most of his cum is soaking her pretty pink lips and face. Mike brings her head in closer, which causes his cock to dive deeper into her mouth pass her tongue. Her eyes opening wide she tries to plea with him from the look she made from her Hazel Hilary Duff eyes. Mike could only smile from the sight she made; having her look up at him like that he thought she was cute!

“Oh yeah man what did you hear! Don’t keep it all to yourself,” The two friends laughed. Moving the tip of his cock down her throat as she went about avoiding Hilary’s air pipe! Being an expert and all he knew what he was doing. But still Mike thought about being extra careful after all he didn’t want to anciently kill a rental. The girl was now gagging on his cock most uncomfortably!

As he released the rest of his piss she felt her belly fill, she started jerking like a fish out of water! Then she became dizzy as he drained his cum directly into her stomach. Ron released himself from her well-used ass. Standing beside the helpless girl. “Well the rumor is that the club has anther Duff, a onetime sale to the highest bidder!” Sounding pleased from what he heard from his friends down at the bar.

Surprised from what he said, “All have to see it to believe it,” just about finishing with raping her
mouth. He withdraws his cock as she fell over onto the floor overwhelmed she gave all that she had to both of them! Little Amy now known as a Hilary Duff doll she kept saying over and over in her mind! “No more, No more!” Frequently saying to herself.

With enthusiasm in his powerful male voice! “Well let’s go bro we don’t want to be late for the,
Halloween Auction!!!” As she’s struggling to breathe she felt Mike grab her from under her breasts as Ron lifted her feet. They put the girl back on the bed laying her on her left side. She watched as they left the room leaving her to cry. Only a few seconds had passed by when she heard new footsteps. No more, no more! God no more, more! But to her surprise, her captor walks in and she felt shamed as he gazed up and down at her. Very good he thought, “Not bad Hilary, you’ve done me proud,” Ben walks over to her sitting down next to her on the edge of the bed.

He had a medical needle in one of his hands; she was still too dizzy. As he began petting her waist, “You made over a 10 times a buddle tonight. What a Halloween!” Ben says trying to comfort the shaking girl. “Well it’s bedtime now sweetie you have a long night ahead of you tomorrow.” Positioning the needle in both hands he is getting it ready, “This will help you sleep tonight and adjust all that yummy cum your friends gave you as food!” Mike smiles bringing the needle close to her left elbow poking through her tender skin. Once the sleeping drugs were in her system Ben puts the safety cap back on. Placing the needle in his blue shirt pocket. Reaching over Hilary’s body he grabs a chin that’s connected to the front of the bedpost. On the end of that chain is a shackle adjustable enough to fit just about any young girl’s wrist. napping her right wrist tightly, closing the shackle that could only be opened by a key which he had! Before he left her Ben he grabs from under the king size bed a spreader bar with attaching steel cuffs. Grabbing one ankle at a time he locks both ankles into place! But just before Amy thought he was done, Ben plays with the bar expanding it to the point where both legs were far apart exposing her sex! Oh she tried to fight sleep but she couldn’t keep her hazel eyes open any longer. The fact that Ben pulled the warm covers over her tired body didn’t help matters any. The girl didn’t want to go bed this way. The bed, I was raped in!!!

After the warm covers were pulled up below her neck Ben left without even saying goodnight as he touched the digital light switch button. The lights turned off leaving her in the dark!
Sleep came quickly, so quickly!!!

Chapter 9: “The Halloween Auction”

Standing up on stage from the left of the reception area in the nightclub, Bill is getting ready for a big night ahead of him. Trying to get the crowd’s attention by waving his arms in the air. “Gooding evening ladies and gentlemen, we will begin once where settled here.” Bill speaks appeal to his nightclub guests. The crowd alive with thrilling excitement and enthusiasm! Most of them were even dressed up for the evening. After all tonight was Halloween here at the SPOT for all those BDSM lovers!!! “Good!” The lobby crowds around the stage paying attention Bill.

Hey Bill some of the people shout out loud cheering with their wine glasses in the air!
Young waitress could be seen walking around the nightclub carrying refreshments on sliver trays! They were slave girls owned employees, property of the nightclub the SPOT!
About 7 girls were on duty performing in their little waitress outfits if you could call thin straps of leather, strap around her breasts and a leather chastity belt between her legs a uniform.
Sara she heard her Master Bill calling her name, she was nearest to the stage! “All you may of heard, the rumors that we have a second Hilary Duff up for auction?” Sara a pretty little 4’0” 15 year old nightclub waitress stood near the stage as her Master grabbed a wine glass from her tray.
Taking the wine she obediently walked back out into the crowd to where she’d perform her nightly duties!

The crowd perks up with interest! “Yes and she’s back stage now in mint condition! Tonight this
Halloween evening we have 20 female auctions. Browsing will begin in awhile as where still setting up the merchandise,” Explains Bill. It was like for hours she laid out on the table in the open fully exposed! What became of her sister? Trying to deal with the reality that she might never see her again! About an hour ago, the guy that put her here, her two kidnappers returned as they where busying sitting up a few more tables next to mine. Ignoring her completely letting me lay helplessly like I was a piece of beef. About 19 tables where setup positioned around her with 19 more young looking girls where lay out on those tables just as she was awhile ago.
Those 19 girls were about to be auctioned off on this Halloween night just like Ally’s fate. Like Ally, they overdosed the girls with calming drugs that would last the next 48 hours.

Back stage lights turned on, bright lights shined down on me as her hazel eyes became sensitive to the light. She felt a shiver as her kidnappers stood over her. One of them held a washable black marker in his hand. She couldn’t see very well as the lights were in her eyes, it was all a blur as he wrote something on the right of her thigh. It seemed to be a number in large print.
Bill wrote Hilary’s auction number 20 down on her right thigh, as he and Ben chatted about auctioning her off last as the finishing sale of the night. Ally her former name now known as Hilary. Gaining her eyesight back she found her head somewhat movable but she still felt weak and pretty hungry. “Oh god!” She screamed in her mind! From total humiliation the red curtain opens wide as it could go!

The girl was exposed to the public! She could sense the shaken nerves of the other girls around her. The nightclub guests walked up on stage single filing as they walked about checking out the human live stock, making comments and remarks probing the girls they were interested in bidding on! Bill and Ben stood by happy to answer any questions the crowd may have. Sufficient questions were asked of the new Hilary girl. Explaining they just abducted her this evening and that she was an untrained slave!

Quite a few customers interested in bidding on her where happy to hear that she’s in fact an untrained slave! Touching the firmness of her breasts one guy pictured what she’d look like wearing a French Maid’s uniform. The girl next to her was a little white girl 20 years old. She didn’t think she even completely understood what was happening to her.

Around 11:45 in the evening the crowd gathered back into the reception area stepping off stage as they just finished browsing through tonight’s auctions. That night the bidding started! Overwhelmed each girl was carried up front stage by Ben as she supported her nude body in a standing pose, displaying her for the crowd’s pleasure. Well Bill the auctioneer stood behind his square both-box; speaking loudly through his mic! She is an 18-year-old young china girl, as she was sold for the winning bid of $40,000 to the lovely couple in the third row.

They both stepped forward to claim their prize as their husband reached out grabbing his merchandise. He held the girl in both of his arms. “Ah she’s so cute,” his wife spoke as she squirms in his arms. As the auction went on through the night it was now 12:01 pass midnight and only 3 more girls were up for auction! Most of the people stayed with their purchases to watch rest of the auction but some decided to depart for the evening. Most of them they’d be back for tomorrow night’s normal stage entertainment. Clearing his throat, “Alright up for auction is number 18; a 20 year old American girl!” Watching his brother Ben as he brings the light headed little girl forward. She was struggling but Ben was much stronger. She was sold for little more than $8,000 to the young man in the blue shirt! “Would you like more calming drugs? For her Sir or maybe a body sack?” Bill asked watching the young man grab his prize. Umm he was thinking quickly. “Ah Bill, no thanks I have a cage that will fit her perfectly!” He replied smiling as he held onto her over his shoulder with a tight grip on her little girl ass.

As Ben came back grabbing number 19, she listened as she was auctioned off to some cowboy! How did she know he was a cowboy? Just then she heard Bill shout, “ Sold to the man in the cowboy hat!”

What was going to happen to her she didn’t think she could bare the idea of being sold like this but it was going to happen to her whether she liked it or not. She cried the entire time the auction is going taking place.
The 27-year-old redhead didn’t fight her new Master accepting except for the fact she was crying as he carried her out through the front nightclub doors. She was nothing but property now!

Grabbing her sweaty body he positioned the girl in a sitting position on the table. He grabbed her from behind her back. His hands were holding her from under her breasts lifting her up and carrying her to the front of the stage. The girl didn’t struggle or fight him because she knew it was useless! She just thought she’d save what little energy she had left. The girl continued to cry as she was last up for auction! Hmm Bill thought looking up and down the lean teen, “We have here a Hilary Duff replica! Age 18 folks, the bidding with start at $4,000!!!”

Feeling the excitement. The crowd went wild! 8,000 the ladies shouted!

“Oh hey,” The Cowboy spoke up, “$3, 2000!” He yells across the bidding crowd.

With a smile on his face, “I hear you Sir, Do I have $3, 2000? Do I hear 6, 4000?”

He bids for the third time, “Hey! $6, 4000. For the whore!”

Oh the girl felt dizzy and sick inside. He slowly spined her around so that all of her body could be on display, “Notice that round firm ass! Just imagine the fun?” Bill exclaims exciting the crowd as the bids increase.

Now at $192, 2000! “Do I hear 38, 4000? Going, going, going and sold to Mr. Knox!
Sold! $192, 2000.” Knox stepped forward to claim his prize.

Everyone knew who Mr. Knox was including Bill and Ben. The administrator of adult porn films for the Adult Industry! A black leather body shack over his shoulder Knox puts it down on the floor as Ben helps him position Hilary inside. “We hope you enjoy your merchandise, Mr. Knox?”

“Yes thank you but she’s not for me,” He smiles down at her while petting her on the left cheek with the back of his hand. She struggled from his uncomfortable touch. “Oh, I understand.” Ben replied with a smile on his face while walking away with a check worth $192, 2000. Letting Knox deal with his new girl.

“Welcome to stardom cutie!” He slips a white color sleeping pill into her mouth and making sure she swallowed it whole. She was falling into a deep sleep as the body sack closed around her. It got dark as she began to lose both consciousness and any control she had left over in her life.

The End of a Halloween tale!

This story was written by Trainer81 around the time and date of 10-31-2012

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