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Presenting Bella The Fembot an original story.

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Rick dreams of a life with just a bit more money, but is shocked when his dream actually comes true. Suddenly Rick has everything he could want, except Roxanne. Inspiration strikes among FetLife forums. Rick decides he’ll obtain her too…

Written by Trainer81

Published on Jan 20, 2020

It’s the day of the big game and cheerleader Roxanne is thrilled to support her team to victory alongside her best friends. She dreams of cheering for the Dallas Cowboys someday, marrying her boyfriend at halftime during one of the games. Her future looks bright, at least through her eyes. She doesn’t notice the stranger in the bleachers watching. Always watching. Waiting for that perfect moment to make her his.

Written by Trainer81

Published on June 20, 2020

Bella The Fembot

The Lottery

Written by Trainer81

Published on Jan 20, 2020

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Rick dreams of a life with just a bit more money, but is shocked when his dream actually comes true. Suddenly Rick has everything he could want, except Roxanne. Inspiration strikes among FetLife forums. Rick decides he’ll obtain her too…

Hi there! My name’s Rick Wood and despite what you may hear, I’m a pretty good guy. Just got a little mixed up along the way, ya know?

I used to have just about everything going for me growing up in my hometown Minneapolis of Minnesota. Middle class family. We didn’t have what we wanted but we had what we needed. I graduated high school with high hopes for my future nine years ago. A year or two after graduating, I moved to Iowa and took a job as an assistant with a small law firm that was just starting out.

See, you could even say that I’m too nice, too trusting. Because I took a chance on the little guys and  that job fell apart when they went bankrupt after a client sued them.

After that, I took the only job I could find here at the Iowa State University.

It’s kind of embarrassing being stuck in this dead end job at twenty-seven, never having enough money to attend the university myself. Monday through Friday. I come into work every morning at exactly 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Working here in the cafeteria, I help wash dishes and serve breakfast and lunch to the staff and the college students attending class for the day.

I hate my job but don’t we all? It’s necessary though. A choice between paying the rent or living on the streets. But today, today I love it. Today I’m happy to be out front, serving the students. Because today I see Her.

Roxanne won’t be in this line. Not while I’m serving pizza. She tends to order only Asian food or salad, as many of the Asia American students like her do. I only know her name because one day she was waiting in line with her friends and I heard them talking to her. Saw her smiling at me.

At me!

I watch her now as she sits in front of the window, chatting with her friends. Her laugh echoes in my head. Sunlight falls on the soft dark brown hair running down the back of her neck. The face of angel matches her slim figure. Today her red cheerleading uniform hugs her like I wish I could, showing off her perfectly smooth curves and her tight round ass.

Roxanne has this tiny mole on her shoulder just below her neck and two more moles to match on her face near her left chin and right cheek

She’s short, about 4’11” with naturally round, B cup breasts. She’s nineteen, a freshman in college. Way out of my league. I’m only 5’ 9” and about one hundred and sixty-seven pounds overweight. But as I work, I imagine being with her, having her bless my life. I picture those big, brown eyes staring up at me in devotion. If I had the chance, I would do anything for her, anything I could to make her part of my life.

I could imagine just about any guy wanting to give Roxanne a sweet fuck!

My longing deepens as I watch her walk out with her friends. My desire is so intense I can’t stand it. But I look down at my work. Focus on this greasy slop I’m feeding these students. Roxanne is a beautiful Asian American girl and I knew she’d never want to go out with a guy like me.

Even with this in mind, the day dragged until I finally got off work. And like I do usually every Wednesday after work, I go down to Cash Wise Foods to do my grocery shopping. As I pick out my groceries, I think about Roxanne often. Not much of a cook myself.  As I was picking out TV dinners I wondered if Roxanne knew how to cook? And if she’d be able to cook for me. What would I have her make for me?

After purchasing my groceries, I spend the rest of my money on my weekly Powerball lottery ticket using my usual numbers. I’d been playing the Powerball for a few months now, trying new strategies. Some people say it’s a waste of time, waste of money. I even doubted myself sometimes. But what else am I supposed to do to get ahead?

I consider the prospects I have in life. I’m stuck in probably the best job I can get right now. Not smart enough or rich enough for college. I’m broke but fuck it. I put $50.00 dollars down and added another $50.00 on Power Play!

I figured I’d try the lottery for another month and see what happens and go from there. Knew I might have to make some real plans if the lottery didn’t pan out, but I didn’t even know where to start.

Later that night, I relaxed in the kinda crummy living room in my apartment. Ate a bag of microwave popcorn with lots of butter from the comfort of my favorite leather recliner. I hated this apartment with its smoke stained walls, tiny bedroom, and an even smaller kitchen that I barely used. I drowned out my unhappiness with a science fiction movie I recorded on my DVR a few days ago.  Once that finished up, I was ready to call it a night after watching the news to catch the lottery numbers for Wednesday night.

About half way through the news, they were ready to call the lottery numbers. I already had my very own lottery ticket ready in my hand.  Now stained by the buttery grease of my popcorn, it still smelled of hope. As the Powerball numbers were displayed on my 50 inch flat screen TV, I read them off.

50, 51, 59, 61 and the Powerball: 03

Quickly pausing the live TV stream, I stared at my ticket and then back at the TV. I compared the two sets of numbers until it felt like my eyes would bleed. My brain swirled around one word; wow! I couldn’t believe it but what I saw was sure enough real!

A lottery winner!

I won the lottery!

Sure enough the numbers where an exact match, no matter how many times I checked them. I couldn’t believe I won the lottery! I was just blown away, surprised and thrilled at the same time. I waited to wake up from this dream, but for once I remained in the ideal reality.

As I resumed watching, the local Ames news anchor, Macy confirmed, “We have a lucky jackpot winner here. They just won a ninety million dollar jackpot! And I’m being told that the winner appeared to have purchase the ticket from our own local Cash Wise grocery store down south.”

I still couldn’t believe it, I had actually won the lottery! Things like this just didn’t happen to guys like me. Sure, I’d bought the tickets, but I think they were always a way to give me hope when I had none. I never thought I’d actually win!

Of course, I was ecstatic.  My mind buzzed as I thought about all the things I wanted to buy. All the things I wanted to do in my life. Things that other people do but that I didn’t think would ever be possible for me until now.

I smiled as Macy advised the local winner to go down to the state capital tomorrow where they could collect the winnings from the lottery bureau. Where I could collect the winnings from the lottery bureau. She explained that I could later setup a one on one interview with her on live TV!

Sounded exciting but I knew that to Macy, I was just another human-interest story. I shake my head at the thought of getting mixed up in an interview with her. I watched Macy on the news enough times to suspect she was capable of stretching the truth.

So I turned off the TV. I already knew what I needed to know, and I needed time to process this. I was too excited, too overwhelmed. I wasn’t even tired anymore but I decided to get some sleep just the same. I had a big day ahead of me tomorrow and I wanted to be well rested and ready for all the new opportunities the day would bring.

My radio alarm clock woke me at 5 AM as it did every day from Monday through Friday. The weekends were my only time to sleep in. I grumbled as I woke, never quite getting used to these early mornings. But as I pulled myself out of bed, I remembered.

I won the lottery last night! I jumped out of bed full of energy, ready to start my day.

The first thing I did when I got up, was called in sick at work. I’d quite that awful job later. I thought about quitting over the phone, but I wanted to do it in person and to my manager’s face! But I didn’t want to ruin this wonderful day by seeing her yet.

For now I needed to focus on my lottery winnings and then I would go house hunting. Though maybe I wouldn’t buy a house. Not quite yet.

You see, that’s the weird thing about being poor your whole life and then getting a ton of money dumped on you. It didn’t seem real and I wasn’t even sure how to spend it. All of my dreams had always been based off of if my life got a little better, not if I became a millionaire.

So, I’d start with renting a nice house. That would be better than this dump. Then once I got more used to being wealthy, then I’d upgrade.

After calling the Iowa lottery Bureau, I spoke with the head clerk, Michael. Since this ticket was in fact a $90 million dollar jackpot winner, a mob of people were already at the state capital, waiting to see who the lucky winner was.

I explained to him that I wanted to avoid a mob and that I was a private person interested in keeping things quiet as much as possible. I would never live a flashy lifestyle. I didn’t want all that came with it. I just wanted to be comfortable. Enjoy life. I wasn’t interested in fame, so we agreed to meet at the Iowa State Bank under special circumstances.

Later that morning, I met with Michael at the Iowa State Bank as well as Kevin, an attorney there to help assist in the legal matters. I agreed to the full sum of $90 million dollars and had it transferred into the Iowa State Bank account that I’d opened early that morning.  I put over two million dollars into the checking and the rest into my new savings account.  And of course, I withdrew $3,000 in cash from checking that I’d use for spending money.

The banker teller helped me order my new checks and got me one of those new debt cards with the chip in it. Very cool since I never had a debit card. Never needed to. Just used checks and cash. But with the amount of money I had now…

Best of all, he made me feel important. I could tell the teller was excited that I was opening an account with them and no one had ever looked at me like that before. Like someone who had money.

They got me set up with a debt card with a $50,000.00 daily spending limit on it, as well as online banking. Which was a whole new concept to me.  Online anything was brand new to me. I never owned a cell phone or had even been on a computer before. Still I played along.  Didn’t want these people to know that.

I’d also never been on the internet before, but I was looking forward to checking it out. My parents couldn’t afford a computer when I was growing up, which was fine. That’s just the way things were back then, living in a middle-class family. I certainly couldn’t afford one once I moved out. Until now.

I thought of all the incredible things I might find on the internet, in the world with all this money, as I thanked Michael and Kevin for their assistance in getting this all setup for me.

With that, I walked out of the bank and drove off in my station wagon, starting a whole new chapter in my life. The first thing on my mind was checking out a beautiful, white rental house on the other side of town.

Maybe it’s weird, but I had this hobby. Of driving around when I was bored. Looking at different houses, cars, women that I would obtain if I ever had the money. Anyway, there was this one house that was for rent that I liked to imagine myself living in. I knew I could never afford it, but it was the perfect place to live a good life.

Driving over to the nicer side of town I was wondering if that place was still for rent.

If it was, then I figured I’d rent this place until I could build my own home somewhere in the country. Somewhere under the unobstructed stars where I could do what I wanted, and no one would bother me. I’d always wanted to get out of the city and just settle down in the country.

As I finally made it to the two story, picket fence, perfect yard, white house I had my eye on, I saw the most beautiful sign standing in the front yard.

‘For Rent’ by the owner. Perfect!

I drove up the driveway and got out of my car, walked up to the front porch of the stained deck. It seemed like the perfect place for a guy like me. After everything that I’ve been through in my life, I figured I’d deserved to live in a place like this.

I wanted to get a better look so I walked around the deck and peeked into the windows. Imagined my life here.

“Can I help you?” A voice from behind me broke my daydreams.

I turned to see a tall, black haired woman. Middle aged with a power suit on. The type of woman who would have intimidated me before. Before I had money.

“Yes,” I said, with what I hoped to be a confident smile. “I’m interested in renting this house.”

“Wonderful!” She said, as she clasped her hands together. She then offered one to me. “My name’s Rene. I’m the owner and landlord of this here building. Would you like to see it?”

“Sure, I’m interested,” I replied, after shaking her hand. Tried to make it sound like it was no big deal. “My name’s Rick by the way.”

“How much is the rent?” I asked her, acting casual as she unlocked the door.

I followed her into the two story, small, storybook house, walking through the tiny entry way into the living room. All in soft colors, bright. Smelled new. A respectable life played out before my eyes in the empty rooms.

“The rent is $800.00 on the first week of every month. It even comes with free internet and cable.”

“No problem, I can afford it. I’m self-employed and have a number of investments in stocks and bonds.” I kept up the lie as she led me into the huge kitchen. Granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances.

The house was just as beautiful on the inside!

“Self-employed doing what exactly?” She asked, with that fake, polite tone.

“Oh, I have a few freelancing jobs in law, but I’m just involved with my investments right now. Let me assure you it’s quite profitable.”

“I’m sure,” she said. She looked skeptical and that was annoying but at least she didn’t keep pressing me about it.

If I told her that I was the mysterious jackpot winner, she might think I was crazy and kick me out. Or on the other hand, she might believe me and she’d end up telling all of her friends and family. I wouldn’t get a moments peace!

Which would be a shame because it truly was a lovely house. All the rooms aside from the bathroom and kitchen were carpeted, with the plushest carpet I ever felt. Far from the threadbare, stained carpet at my apartment. There were two bedrooms upstairs, which would be good in case my parents spent the night. And the bottom floor had a large living room and a den beside the kitchen.

I immediately agreed to a one-year lease. This place was a whole lot better than where I currently lived. It’d be the perfect place to stay while I worked on my dream home.

And tomorrow, I would finally quit my dead-end job!

My luck was changing for the better and I could feel it.

I told Rene I wanted to move in right away. She already had a lease on hand on the kitchen island. So we worked out the details as I signed the lease and paid the rent up front and in cash, a total of $800.00

A few minutes later, she stepped out and returned with a copy of my lease and a receipt for this month’s rent. As I left, I thanked Rene and told her that I’d be back later with my things and new furniture.

Up next: a nice long shopping trip at the mall!

My first stop at the mall was a restaurant called Rock and 50’s, since I really didn’t have anything to eat this morning expect for a cup of black coffee and maybe a cookie. For lunch I had a large burger and fries, celebrating my newfound life.

After I ate, I went over to Ashley’s Home Furniture Store on the other side of the mall. On my way over I stopped off at C-Ram Computers and checked out their selection of laptops, but I decided to wait and checkout other stores first. I thanked the pushy sales guy who was trying to sell me everything under the sun, and finally made it to Ashley’s.

I spent a few hours looking at furniture before spending $40,000.00 on a whole new living room and bedroom set with a queen size bed. I paid extra for delivery so they would have it at my new place this afternoon. I didn’t mind paying extra for a rush job now. I wanted to be all setup and in my new place by night fall.

After purchasing all my new furniture, I went over to Verizon here in the mall and bought my first cell phone; a silver iPhone. And had my home phone number transferred onto my new cell phone. The internet was something I was really looking forward to checking out, so though my phone was great, I couldn’t wait to get a laptop. This was like stepping into the future for me. I was one lucky guy.

As I walked out of the mall, I sent my first text message informing my landlord at the apartment I was living in, that I was moving out. Then, I headed to Walmart.

Okay, okay, so Walmart is maybe not the place most millionaires shop. But like I said, it’s weird when you get all that money so quickly. Walmart was what I knew. And there was no used wasting money now that I had it. I had a certain plan in mind that would require me to lay low anyway. Where I might need to fund an escape if something went wrong.

So yeah, I purchased my first computer at Walmart; a Windows 10 laptop. I also splurged on some new clothes as well. Then I was on my way back to my apartment to gather up the rest of my things.

Walking in through the doors, I realized for the first time in a while just how much of a mess the living room and kitchen had become.

True, I barely used the kitchen. I’m not much of a cook. But I am a big fan of the microwave and low fat TV dinners. Evidence of that was piled all over the coffee table, counters, and I’m embarrassed to admit this, but even over the floors.

I ignored it for now though. I’d do better at my new house. Have a fresh, clean start. I was here to pick up rest of my belongings and give the stuff I didn’t want to charity. That was it.

I spent an hour packing up the things I wanted to keep. My flat screen 50 inch TV and DVD player were already packed away in the backseat of my station wagon, including my DVR which had some recordings saved on it. As I was packing up the last of the stuff on my old bed Mike, my landlord knocked on the door. Let himself in before I answered.

“Come in,” I shouted out from my bedroom. He walked in with a look of curiosity on his face. Stood on the other side of my bed.

“Hi Rick,” Mike said, with a cautious smile. “How’s it going? I got your text.” He glanced at all the packed boxes. “You said you were moving out? But I didn’t think it would be this soon.”

“Yeah that’s right,” I said, as I looked up at Mike for a moment. Then I resumed packing, starting on a new box. “I rented a new place downtown and I’m anxious to get going. I plan to be in my new place by night fall.”

“You do realize you have a six months lease here,” he said, as he started looking around for damages. I wasn’t worried about that or the lease. I just wanted my freedom. “And you have four months left on it. If you leave now you won’t be getting your security deposit back!”

I could hear Mike’s frustration grow as he looked at the stains in the living room carpet. Inspected the hole in the bedroom wall. Of course, there was nothing he could do to hold me back. I couldn’t wait to finally be out of this shitty apartment for good.

“Yeah no problem,” I said, as I started to carry my stuff out. He was annoying but soon I’d never have to see him again. It was incredible the kind of problems money can take care of. “I’ll pay off the rest of the four months in my lease. And you can keep the deposit.”

I spent far too much time arguing with Mike before working out a deal to pay off rest of my lease and handing over $1,000.00 in cash. Finally, he was satisfied and he actually helped me carry out the rest of my packed boxes to my faded brown station wagon parked out front.

Shortly after, a Salvation Army moving van pulled up from behind my car, just as I requested. Two young men stepped out. Perfect for the crapload of stuff that was left.

“Hi there,” Mike approached them, clearly surprised. By all of this really. I wasn’t about to tell him the truth as to why I could afford all this. “Can I help you?”

“They’re here to grab rest of my things,” I interrupted him, as I put the last box in the trunk and closed it. “Hey guys, you can have everything that’s left in my apartment!”

The timing couldn’t be better, and it was nice to help others out. It was the least I could do.

I turned to Mike and handed him the keys to my ex apartment.

“Say Mike, can you show them in please?” I asked, then left feeling on top of the world.

Around 5’o clock that night, I could finally settle into my new place. I thanked the delivery guy for the peperoni pizza, tipped him nicely, then went into my new kitchen. Sat down at my dining room table, which was real fancy with gold edges and a marble top. The kind my mother would love.

Ashley’s Furniture had come and gone, leaving after helping me set everything up. Now I had time, I pulled out my laptop and the book I was reading for learning Windows 10 for dummies. Reading the chapter on browsing the internet for the first time. With a slice of pizza in hand, I dug into a whole new world. The perfect to kick off the perfect evening.

After an hour or so, I ditched the book. This computer stuff came easily to me and I was quickly able to navigate my laptop and the internet like a pro. I guess I’d always been a fast learner. I just was never allowed to succeed. Never had enough money to buy a ticket to society. Now, everything was different.

After I finished with setting up my first cell phone, I found my parents’ number and gave them a call. I could already picture how happy they would be. How much I would bless their lives. I was the only child and I loved them, and they loved me. I couldn’t wait to give them the lives they deserved.

“Hi Mom,” I said, the second she picked up the phone. She sounded surprised to hear my voice. I could imagine the emotion lighting up her grey eyes, as dark hair fell into her wrinkling face. Probably surprised about how happy I sounded. I couldn’t contain my excitement.

“Hey honey,” she said. And I could imagine the smile on her face. “How’s it going?”

“I’m doing great, thanks. How are you doing, Mom?”

“We’re doing alright. We bought some cookies from a Girl Scout today.” And I suddenly wanted cookies. Though no one in my family needed them. No one was exactly slim. Her happy tone darkened a little. I could hear the worry in her voice. “Though your father’s hours at work were cut back again…”

“Well maybe I can help with that,” I said, cutting her off before she could dwell longer in her worry.

“No, you don’t have to do that,” she rushed in. For all she knew, I was struggling more than they were. I’d always struggled to make my way on my own.

“But Mom, I won the lottery!” I blurted out. “I won the Powerball Jackpot last night!”

“You’re fooling me Rick!” She chided. Surprised and skeptical, though I wasn’t one to play jokes on her. She still seemed to think this was a twisted prank.

“What?” I heard my father over the sound of the tv in the background. I could picture his brown eyes warming in curiosity, as little bits of gray hair fell to the recliner. “What has he done now?”

As the conversation continued, Mom realized I was serious and put me on speaker phone so Dad could join in on the conversation. All us were wrapped up in excitement and their happiness only exaggerated my own. I promised to buy Mom a new car, Dad a set of golf clubs, and the help pay off their debt.

After talking with them, I went back to my computer, entranced by this new portal to a crazy world. I created a new Google account and an email address, then watched some teen porn for a bit. After getting lost in this, I reemerged when I realized I was starving and thirsty. As I ate more pizza and grabbed a beer, I remembered my promises and took to online shopping for the first time.

I created an Amazon account and browsed for hours. Picked out a brand new, top of the line set of golf clubs for Dad. Then I got a blonde hair sex doll for myself with real, silicone flesh. A realistic, silicone skin sex doll would be so much better than my old blow up toy! Fulfilling.

I chose two-day shipping and planned on having it shipped here. Now I could be happy and I’d surprise my dad when I visited him in my home town of Minneapolis in the great state of Minnesota.

After another few hours, it was getting late. I finally pried myself away from the internet. Made some popcorn, and watched TV for about an hour in my new, leather recliner.

But the internet called my name. TV wasn’t as fascinating as this new world. So I grabbed my laptop and looked into some… interests of mine.

After a bit of searching, I stumbled upon Fet Life and joined immediately. A whole another new world opened up that night for me. I learned everything I could about being domination, submission and slave girls, etc . I dove into it all before deciding that I was a dominant, ready to explore and express my true self.

It was after 1 AM when I finally decided it was time for bed. Fell asleep happy, planning to quit my job tomorrow. I could just imagine the well-deserved frustration that’d be painted all over my manger’s face.

The following morning, I awoke alert and refreshed, ready to start a brand new day. Before, I often dreaded waking up. Facing all the obstacles in my life that seemed impossible to surmount. Now though, now I had a chance to make something of myself. To be happy.

I got up and showered with water that didn’t randomly turn cold. Had some toast and a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast while I continued browsing Fet Life. Finished setting up my profile and joined a few groups.

One of the groups I joined was about being a dominant for beginners. I knew that it wasn’t all about control, but I’ve always had a thing for wanting to be the one in charge of the relationship. So I wanted to explore this further.

I took my time to finish breakfast and indulge in this new fascination. I was in no hurry to quit my dead end job, though I did want to do it in person. I needed to see the look on my manager’s face when I told her that I quit. That I was no longer under her control.

I figured after I quit my job, I’d go over to the mall and shop for some artwork. I’d always been interested in the arts, but never had the money to learn or indulge in it. Yet now my life was a blank slate and I could fill it with as many colorful canvases as I wanted.

An hour or so later, I paused in front of my car before getting in. Not the car of a millionaire. I’d have to trade it in. As I drove, I imagined all the options. Which would I choose? I’d never thought of it before. But since work was an hour away, I had plenty of time to think of it now.

I was so far gone from this job by the time I got there, I almost changed my mind about going in to tell my manager, Megan the big news. Didn’t want to even step foot inside my old life. But in a way, by doing this I’d closing one door in my life and opening another!

“Hey there, Rick!” My co-worker, Darrell greeted me from behind the food court with a smile. He was a cool guy but I wouldn’t miss him too much. The truth is Darrell was a bore and he talked too much.

“Hey.” I quickly walked away from him to avoid a lengthy conversation. Went to look for Megan.

Stopped as I noticed Roxanne, just as pretty as ever! She was sitting there in the cafeteria with her friends; two guys and one other girl. They were having breakfast, laughing and having a good time before class. And god, how I wanted to be part of her orbit.

Roxanne was gorgeous. I was memorized by her beauty. By everything I knew she would be. As I stared at her and dreamed of having her be a part of my life, a tap on my right shoulder interrupted me.

“Hi there Rick,” Megan said, with a suspicious tone. “How are you doing?”

I peeled my eyes away from Roxanne to face my manger. Soon to be ex manager. “I’m doing fine, thanks.”

“Are you able to work today?” She looked concerned. Like she could tell by my face that I was ready to quit this fucking job here and now. And I was.

But that was before I saw Roxanne, sitting there, chatting with her friends. Probably about today’s class. Because she was smart. She was stunning.

And that’s when it hit me. I was in love with her. I didn’t want just any girl, I wanted Roxanne! And this job was the only way I’d ever get close to her. So, I looked Megan straight in the eyes.

“Yeah,” I said quickly. “I’m doing a lot better now, thanks. I guess it was the twenty-four hour thing.”

She smiled back at me as she tucked her blonde hair into her hair net. “Glad to hear it. We could really use your help today.”

We walked back into the kitchen where I clocked in on the computer terminal. Shocked myself by putting on my white apron and hair net. Couldn’t believe I was doing this. This was not how I planned today to go. But it was all for her. I had to remind myself of that. The only way I could ever get near Roxanne.

I helped serve breakfast to the incoming college students and stole glances at Roxanne whenever I could. I wanted her, wanted to be near her desperately, but at the same time I hated this job!  I needed to keep this job for now if I wanted to be near Roxanne. So, I focused on that. On all my future plans for her. For us.

For now, I needed to keep my options open. I needed to be careful. But I knew that when the timing was right, I’d eventually kidnap Roxanne and turn her into my slave girl!

The thought of making Roxanne a sex slave and keeping her all to myself made my cock hard.

But for now, I needed to plan.

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