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Presenting Bella The Fembot an original story.

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Rick dreams of a life with just a bit more money, but is shocked when his dream actually comes true. Suddenly Rick has everything he could want, except Roxanne. Inspiration strikes among FetLife forums. Rick decides he’ll obtain her too…

Written by Trainer81

Published on Jan 20, 2020

It’s the day of the big game and cheerleader Roxanne is thrilled to support her team to victory alongside her best friends. She dreams of cheering for the Dallas Cowboys someday, marrying her boyfriend at halftime during one of the games. Her future looks bright, at least through her eyes. She doesn’t notice the stranger in the bleachers watching. Always watching. Waiting for that perfect moment to make her his.

Written by Trainer81

Published on June 20, 2020

Bella The Fembot

The Big Game

Written by Trainer81

Published on June 20, 2020

It’s the day of the big game and cheerleader Roxanne is thrilled to support her team to victory alongside her best friends. She dreams of cheering for the Dallas Cowboys someday, marrying her boyfriend at halftime during one of the games. Her future looks bright, at least through her eyes. She doesn’t notice the stranger in the bleachers watching. Always watching. Waiting for that perfect moment to make her his.

The colorful leaves of fall were the backdrop that Saturday evening on the University of Iowa’s football field. Roxanne, a freshmen at the university, was having the time of her life with her fellow cheerleaders, who were also her closest friends. It was the start of the second half of Iowa’s game versus Ohio State University. They were the top two teams in the nation. There was only one problem; the game was entering the fourth quarter with Iowa down twelve points. Ohio’s lead was due to their quarterback, Justin Fields, throwing a couple of touchdowns to receiver Chris Olave.

“I have an idea,” Roxanne said. “Let’s do the pyramid.”

“But we usually do the pyramid during halftime,” Renee countered.

“Usually. But we did that special homecoming presentation, so we haven’t done the pyramid yet.”

The other girls agreed and quickly got into pyramid formation. Ohio State was a tough team and the crowd needed a boost. At four feet and eleven inches, Roxanne was pretty short for a nineteen-year-old. But she was full of spunk, excitement, and happiness to boot. She could make even the angriest person smile. Her stunning, Asian features only made her more charming. She dreamed of cheering for the Dallas Cowboys one day. If she made it, she and her boyfriend Walter Abrams, a sports medicine major, planned to get married at halftime of a Cowboys’ home game.

For now she focused on that pyramid, a crowd favorite. As the cheerleading team completed one layer, the referee blew his whistle, signaling the start of the fourth quarter. As luck would have it, the Hawkeyes were on the Ohio State one yard line, facing a third and goal situation. The Hawkeyes, led by freshman quarterback Deuce Hogan, broke the huddle and lined up in goal line formation. At the snap of the ball, Deuce faked the hand off to running back Gavin Williams. The quarterback threw the ball to his right and wide receiver Max Cooper caught the ball in the end zone for the easy touchdown.

At the other side of the field, Roxanne finally made it to the top of the pyramid formation and started shaking her pom-poms. Meanwhile, the entire crowd was cheering for the team while Roxanne thought their adoration was for her.

“They scored!” said a girl from below.

Roxanne jumped down as the girls got into touchdown cheer formation. She caught a quick look at the jumbotron and watched the touchdown replay. “Do the cheer for Max!” she shouted, as the Hawkeyes kicked the extra point to cut Ohio State’s lead to five points.

The bulk of the fourth quarter was a defensive stalemate as the teams traded punts. That was until around the two-minute mark when Ohio State had the ball at its twenty-five-yard line. It was a third and one, with Ohio State needing a yard to force a first down and run out the clock. During the timeout, Iowa’s final one of the game, the cheerleaders did a new cheer designed by Roxanne to fire up the crowd. The Ohio State quarterback was clearly rattled by the loud noise.

Though consecutive timeouts are permitted, Justin and the Buckeyes had to play the down. A win for either team meant a spot in the Big Ten Championship game, while a loss meant a tough game versus Michigan for Ohio State. Meanwhile Iowa would have to win at Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship berth. As the cheer ended, Roxanne and Renee held up a sign that said “Defense.” The crowd chanted “Defense” at the top of their lungs. Justin was so rattled that he couldn’t think straight as the Ohio State offense broke their huddle.

Over on the Ohio State sideline, head coach Ryan Day tried to call timeout but nobody saw him. Justin got into formation and ordered the snap. He handed the ball off to running back Master Teague right before being hit by an Iowa defensive end. Master fumbled the ball, but Justin wasn’t worried. An Ohio State offensive lineman quickly recovered it. “It looks like we have the first down and the game!” Justin yelled.

But it was not to be. Right before Justin picked himself up, the head referee signaled that Iowa had recovered the fumble. Iowa linebacker Nick Niemann showed the ball to the crowd who roared with approval. The Iowa Hawkeyes had one more shot at winning the game.  On the sideline, the cheerleaders relished the chance to do their victory formation celebration. This one would be special because Iowa would be the top team in the country.

The offense took the field, needing to score a touchdown. It took almost one hundred seconds to score the first down, which was achieved when Galvin was downed inside the Ohio State five yard line. It was down to one play with only two seconds remaining and Deuce knew it. Everyone was looking for the win. Though he knew that Ohio State had a soft underbelly, he’d had no success with the pass after the touchdown to Max at the start of the quarter. Still, he hadn’t given up hope. He had a surprise that Iowa had practiced for this very moment.

The offense broke the huddle and went into a shotgun formation. The crowd was silent as they awaited the snap that would decide if the Hawkeyes tasted sweet victory or suffered a bitter defeat. The cheerleaders watched anxiously, knowing what was coming because they’d seen the play on the practice field. Iowa quarterback Deuce Hogan took the snap and ran, aiming toward the corner of the end zone. Struck by a hit. Deuce pulled the ball out from under his body and reached with all his might. After a second that lasted for a year, the referee signaled touchdown. The entire stadium erupted in celebration. Iowa had won the big game.

Though Iowa had won, there was one more order of business; kicking the extra point. Roxanne starred in one last cheer in their victory formation. After the kick was complete, there was nothing left to do but to throw a victory party.

Unknown to Roxanne and her cheerleader friends, Rick was sitting comfortably up in the bleachers. He wasn’t watching the big game. His eyes were on Roxanne as he recorded her and rest of the cheerleaders with his new, mini, digital camcorder.

Sitting beside the local millionaire was an older, bearded gentlemen who had accompanied Rick to the big game. “So this is the girl you want?” Kyle asked, as everyone cheered around them. Kyle was a private investigator for hire on Fetlife, not all interested in everyone’s celebration.

“Yeah, the Asian girl with the dark brown hair.” Rick pointed her out as he looked down at the football field, eyeing Roxanne. “She’s quite a catch, isn’t she?” His gaze narrowed as Roxanne and her friends jumped up and down in their tiny cheerleading uniforms.

Kyle smiled as he watched Roxanne from above. He could see why Rick was so interested in her. “So you want me to follow this girl around for a few days or what?” Kyle asked as Rick put away his camcorder. All the Hawkeyes’ fans were clearing out.

He smiled as he looked over at Kyle. “No, I’ve been tailing her for some time now. But I do need you to run a background check on Roxanne. I want you to learn everything you can about her family and friends.”

Kyle nodded as they stood on the bleachers. “You understand that my fees aren’t cheap, right?”

“Got it. As of right now, you work for me full-time,” Rick said, as he watched Roxanne walk away from the football field with her fellow cheerleaders. Dreaming of the day when she would finally be his.

To be continued in 2022…