The All-New Dream Girls Release for 2020

Hello everyone,

It's here the all-new version of Dream Girls now available to all existing users who paid for a Prime membership. Same as before Prime members will be able to access the Subliminal MP3 programs and eBooks for training self-loving and obedient dream girls.

And included with this release is the Prime members-only forum accessible by paid users.

I have also added a new category we will be calling: Transformation Subliminal Programs

Transformation Subliminal Programs
The transformation Subliminal MP3 programs are for training girls on how to act and behave like an animal, a doll, or even an inanimate object, and training girls in slavery.

One of the first Subliminal MP3 programs listed under the transformations is the: Barbie Doll - Subliminal

And the (Transformation Subliminal Programs) now includes the subcategory: Animal Subliminal Programs

Dream Girls for 2020!


Stay tuned for new releases,




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