Hello everyone,

Happy early Easter!

Dream Girls is pleased to bring you an all new subliminal category for training your girl for personal pleasure and adult entertainment for prime users.

The following new category,

Adult Entertainment Subliminal Programs - Training girls for personal pleasure or taking an active role in the adult entertainment industry.

And the new subliminal programs,
- I am a Performer - Subliminal can be found here,

- I am a Pretty Little Girl - Subliminal can be found here,

- I love to Dance - Subliminal can be found here,

These three new subliminal programs will be an excellent starting point for this new category.

Coming soon this April all new subliminal MP3's for the Wife, Slave Girl, Maid and Pet subliminal programs.  And sometime after the release of a new musical tune we like to call, Little Bird that will be open for beta testing soon.

I've also been working on Dream Girls Uploads and I'm planning strategy for file sharing. I know I've been working on it but I want to get something that will run smoothly and that's not easy to hack :)

Have a good weekend all,


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